Abadan City

Abadan City Tour
Abadan city is situated in the southwest of Iran. It lies on Abadan Island. Abadan island is bordered by the Arvand waterway and the Bahmanshir River outlet of the Karun River. Visit also Damavand Iran

Abadan City Tour
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Abadan (in Farsi: آبادان‎ Ābādān) is a city and capital of Abadan County in Khuzestan Province, te main part of the oil-producing region of Iran. Abadan City Tour

Abadan City Tour
Abadan City
First petrol station in Iran

Meaning of Abadan
The name of Abadan was originally ‘Apphadan (او پا- نگهبان آب), ’meaning coastguard post’. This name it is derived from the words ‘Ab’ meaning ‘water’ and the root ‘pa’ meaning ‘to guard’ in the Persian language.

The founder of the Sassanid Dynasty Ardashir I (180-242 CE), who also founded numerous cities in southern Iran, is said to have built parts of the city and named it Bahman Ardashir. Bahmanshir River is the shortened version of the city’s Sassanid name.

Read More About Abadan
British established the Abadan Oil Refinery in 1913.
The city’s importance quickly began to grow.
Abada was widely damaged in the 1980s Iraq-Iran war.
Despite reconstruction efforts it has not fully recovered from the effects of war.
Abadan is also well- known for its fish market and the seafood dishes.
Abadan is also part of the Arvand Free Zone, industrial and security zone.
Abodan is Located in Khuzestan Province.
Abodan is in southwestern Iran. It is the biggest islands of Arvand River.
The city borders Shadegan and Khoramshahr in the north,
Bahmanshir River and Mahshahr in the east,
the Persian Gulf in the south and Iraq and Arvand River in the west.

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