Chekan Waterfall

Chekan Waterfall, Aligoudarz, Lorestan Province, Iran
Iran is home of beautiful natural attractions with remarkable geologic formations, ancient forests, high mountains, huge rivers, nice deserts, unique caves, … big waterfalls. Aligudarz is the 4th populated city in Lorestan province and there are several waterfalls and rivers around this good-looking city.

Chekan Waterfal, Aligoodarz, Lorestan Province, Iran

Chekan Waterfall (also called Ab Chekan Waterfall) is one of the most attractive waterfalls in IRAN and Lorestan nature. It is located in sout west of Aligudarz, Lorestan Province near Zaz & Mahru district overlooks to the villages of (Ab) Chekan.

Chekan waterfall is about 30 meters high. It is a major natural tourism attractions in Aligoodarz and also a tourism attraction of Iran. The waterfall attracts many local tourists in spring and the natural coverage surrounding the waterfall gives a special beauty to this touristic site.
There are many walnut, pear and oak trees in the area. Spring is the best time for visiting Lorestan’s waterfalls especially the Chekan Waterfall.

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