According to Everest, this tallest mountain is about sixty million years old. Since their expeditions over the years, mountaineering enthusiasts have always been excited to climb Everest. Although its challenging height can be dangerous, you should never miss the opportunity to experience this great adventure.

If you are ready to climb the mountain, you can get the following five benefits from it:

Sense of achievement

Not everyone has the courage and endurance to climb Everest. If you are one of the brave people who climb the huge mountains with confidence, you will feel successful by climbing Mount Everest. In addition it boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Once you have achieved this, you want to have more adventures in life. At the end of the day, it proves to be a great stimulant.

Life changing experience

When asked who won the Everest race, they indicated that it was truly a life-changing experience. Climbing a mountain is very high and also boring. But when you do it successfully, you will feel completely different about this great adventure. Therefore, it is for people who like to accept and overcome the challenges of their lives.


Climbing Everest is simply impossible unless you are physically and mentally trained for it. In addition, you must train at least one year before climbing a high mountain.

When you enroll in a training program for climbers, you can improve your health and fitness. Similarly, such training programs also teach you how to maintain and balance your oxygen levels. These exercises will make you suitable not only for mountaineering but also for the rest of your life.


Mount Everest is different from other large mountains. As the largest mountain in the world, this mountain is the most exciting. Most climbers visit this mountain every year because its adventure is very different from other mountains.

social participation

As you read the facts of Mount Everest, you will be surprised to learn that the mountain is being covered by the media and other sources, such as members of the local community. This shows that you can be seen by climbing Mount Everest. As a result, mountaineering programs are also charitable. If you climb, you will contribute positively to the community.

Source by Jessica S Christine