Today I was thinking about what should be on the list of hiking tools for beginners.

With this in mind, I created the following list as a general guide to what you should get when preparing mountaineering equipment for a day walk.

Mountaineering pants or mountaineering shorts

Proper mountaineering pants are required. It is always a good idea to be waterproof. I can open the ones that have air vents to make better air circulation and keep your feet dry because your sweat is allowed to separate from the skin. I also like detachable mountaineering pants so they can be easily shortened.


It is necessary for colder temperatures. A good fleece keeps you warm and dry under a suitable waterproof hiking jacket.

Base layers

You need to make sure you have enough base layers. The first layer is next to your skin, so like your hiking pants, you want to breathe so that sweat can be easily excreted. The colder it is, the more layers you need. It is always a good idea to bring one or two extra people for each case.


If you want to walk in the swamp, water, snow, etc., gaiters are really useful for keeping your feet and boots dry.

Mountaineering hat

If the weather is cold when climbing, a good wool hat is a great addition. This underwear covers your waterproof jacket and makes your head beautiful and toasted! Alternatively, if the weather is hot and the sun is rising, a baseball cap or beach-style hiking helmet will protect you from harmful rays.

Mountaineering gloves

These should be waterproof, wind resistant, and ideally set you in motion to move, grasp, open, and so on.

Walking socks

Good socks are as important as good boots. It’s worth it to get the right mountaineering socks to complement your hiking shoes or hiking boots to ensure maximum comfort and prevent dreaded blisters!

Day or technical package

Surely you need something to carry your extras and some essentials in one convenient place. Day closed Your back is essential

Mountaineering shoes and boots

It is especially important when walking. You will need hiking boots or shoes for the weather and the climate in which you are walking. It should fit snugly and your boots or shoes should be well broken. It is a good idea to break them in your house or home. Walk around the blocks before using them. Always wear your hiking socks when breaking hiking boots!

Waterproof walking jacket

It really depends on what climate you are walking in, but it often rains, so you should have the right waterproof hiking jacket with you. There are many options to choose from, many of which have detachable layers so they can be used all year round.

Extra clothes for walking

If you are moving in and out of different temperatures and climates that can easily happen by climbing a mountain, extra clothing is essential. It’s always good to have a little more than I think.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it does mention some of the key things you should take with you on your daily walk. As much preparation as possible gives you the assurance that you will have as comfortable and enjoyable a walk as possible.

Source by Col Heaney