St. Lucia, located in the windy Caribbean islands, offers a tropical escape unlike other areas. Renting a yacht on the island will almost certainly lead to exciting, memorable adventures that will last a lifetime. Rainforest Adventures is one of the most popular attractions. You have seen St. Lucia from the perspective of the Caribbean, as you ascend from the blue to the summit of Mount Gimie, you can now get a whole new perspective as you travel to the rainforest and see the color and the life. do. St. Lucia from an aerial point of view.

Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia offers a variety of tours to satisfy everyone’s interest and excitement, including zip lines, bird watching tours, hiking trails and unique rainforest aerial trams. Outdoor gondolas transport guests from the plains to the island’s forest ecological park. The landscapes of plants and animals will amaze you, and a trained guide will point out the wonders and answer the questions. Bird watching tours are equally ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and serious birds. The tour starts at dawn and the nature guide helps you to identify migratory and native birds by sound and sight.

For a little more excitement, guests should head to the Adrena-Line Canopy Zip Tour, a brand new tour for those looking for the ultimate adventure. Those who are brave enough to conquer the rainforest, negotiate with the floating stairs along the eagle’s claw and then lead the forest to eighteen different platforms. You leave your inner cave person and move from Tarzan to Tarantula’s nest and down to Boa Rappel, before returning safely to the firm ground. If that’s not exciting enough, why not try an Adrenaluna zip line tour, like the Adrena-Line Canopy tour, but in the dark of night.

There is a Jacquot Trail Hike for those guests who want to keep their feet on the ground safely. The route is aptly named after Jacquot (or Amazona Versicolor), the historical symbol of St. Lucia. Climbers can discover beautiful plants and flowers as well as the unique wildlife that has made the island so beautiful. Nature translators guide you deep into the forest over valleys and streams to bring you back to civilization safely.

On your next Caribbean charter to St. Lucia, head to Rainforest Adventures to truly experience all that this stunning tropical island has to offer.

Source by Laurie L Harley