If you can dream it, you can fill it in the destination of a strange and fun island, Maui. The lush hiking trails in the forested heights or the lower edges of the waterfalls envelop you with the sweet scent of red ginger and plumeria. Your eyes dazzle with green, yellow, bright orange and red. Colors that you can not reproduce on a printed page or even online. You just have to experience it! What do you enjoy? Surfing, boating, fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving, golf, whale watching, swimming in the ocean or clear waterfall pools? Activities in Maui fit every character, budget and level of adventure.

Excursions, dinners, boating, diving tours or whale watching are some of the most popular activities that people on the island pay for. For good reason, the clear waters around Maui are unparalleled around the world.


Did you know that the whole of Manhattan Island can easily fit in the mouth of the Holakala? Not that we send it there, but what a prospect! For centuries, the three-afternoon, sunrise ascent to the top of Holeakala Volcano topped Maui’s list of “essential” activities for visitors from around the world. Mark Twain called it “… the greatest show I’ve ever seen.” (Before you make your way, be sure to call 808-877-5111 to report the weather.)

The best camping on the island is found in Haleakala National Park. With a maximum of three nights, you may mix it with staying at one or more luxury resorts on the Maui coast. Since 1946, the Hana Maui Hotel has maintained its reputation as a unique hideout. Walking distance to Kaihalulu, the only red sand volcanic beach in the Pacific Ocean.

Snorkeling off the coast of Maui

If you love diving and traveling with a diving friend, Maui offers great experiences you can do together. Diving cruises include places for scuba diving where you can dive on the surface of the water, gently paddle your fins, and see colorful fish, corals, and marine life while diving into the sea. Surround.

Some of the best diving destinations in Maui are located right in front of a beautiful hotel. In such cases, the hotel may partner with a diving shop to provide local diving equipment and guides. Three of these destinations are Capalua Beach, in front of the Capalua Bay Hotel, Naples Bay Beach and Villaia Beach, which is the front of four seasons. Diving is especially good in the clear waters near the lava rocks that form the Bays of Villa and Capalua. Also, the beaches of Mokapu and Ulna in Villaia are loved for diving adventures.

Finding snorkeling destinations is hard

Black Rock on Kaanapali Beach is considered by locals to be the best place to dive on the island. West Mavi, a very lovable marine protected area. Another “do not miss it” destination for avid Maui drowners. Another lesser known place is near Olowalu, about 14 miles. It offers a diving experience that you will not forget. But the best secret may be diving destination in Ahihi Kinau. Access to Ahihi Bay is difficult, but worth the hassle. This 2,000-hectare natural reserve is a rich landscape of color and marine life.

I keep reading that travel days are over because of travel. Adventure travel is something we are all looking for right now. We want to go and experience the landscape and the destination area of ​​our trip up close. Maybe it’s because we all work so hard, spend long hours in gray office buildings, stare at computer screens and prints. Some of us do not even go out to discover our local beauty. So when we think of “holidays,” we think of “wonderful opportunities for fun and adventure.” Well, Maui swimming activities and adventure opportunities will not disappoint you. Happy trip my friend

Source by Louise Jones