Known as the paradise of naturalists, Annapurna is a collection of peaks in the Himalayas of Nepal. The mountain is located east of the Great Strait in the Himalayas and the Kali Gandaki River. This beautiful mountain has large snow-covered glaciers on its western and northwestern slopes that flow into this strait.

The entire Annapurna massif and surrounding area (7,629 square kilometers) are part of the Annapurna Conservation Project, established by the King Mahendra Foundation for Nature Conservation in 1986. This Annapurna project protection area has six world famous peaks that Annapurna I has. The highest altitude is 8091 meters.

The area also has three main hiking trails in Nepal, the Jomson Trek to Jomsom and Muktinath (which are increasingly disrupted by a road construction project). Annapurna Shelter to Annapurna Base Camp; And Annapurna circuit

Thanks to these exciting hiking trails, approximately 64% of travelers from all over the world travel to the Annapurna region of Nepal each year. The city of Pukhara, known as the “Land of Dreams or Fairy Land”, is the starting point for hiking on these world famous trips. It is also a good starting point for short trips such as Ghorpani or Qandruk.

These trails in the Annapurna region are superior to other Nepalese tours because they offer a variety of scenery, including high mountains and low villages. Mountaineering in this area is also a lifelong experience because mountaineers have the opportunity to look at the colorful culture world of Nepal. Even to make mountaineering a memorable experience for climbers, the Nepalese government has built good roads and inns through the hills.

So, plan your trip to Nepal immediately and discover the hidden beauty of Annapurna.

Source by Jolly Mazumdar