The Philippine music scene would never be complete without mentioning this trio called the APO Walking Association. The group consists of three members: Jim Parrides, Danny Javier and Bobby Garoville. Their songs and music have been playing for the past 30 years to this day. Today’s generation is still whispering in a wide range of their visits. The band touches everyone with their music with recent music and concerts. The APO Walking Association is working to revive the sounds that can reach anyone.

The music industry has created the work of this trio by creating the album KaminAPO Muna. Top APO songs were brought to life by popular bands today and compiled into one album. This album also contains additional tracks that include songs sung by APO itself. It became popular because it was constantly broadcast on television and radio. People really supported this album because it became one of the best sellers when the first album was released.

The three were very happy with the widespread presence and widespread support of the people. MYX, a local music channel, paid for APO in Megamall. Popular bands sang APO classics. It was a really successful event. Apart from paying their respects, APO conducts private concerts and guest appearances on some television programs. They also received a commendation plaque from ASAP, a noon show that has audiences here and abroad.

The much-discussed Kami nAPO Muna album is available on every tape throughout the country. For those with an iPod or MP3, the album can be downloaded via I-Tunes. This is a tool from Apple that can help you download songs to your iPod. All you have to do is go to the home screen, type the album name and write the viola, anyone can access APO music.

This album has 18 tracks performed by top local music groups. For months, the album has been ranked number one on the charts. It was also the number one selling album on record. There are also four newly made music videos for some of the songs on the chart. Includes Yakap sa Dilim, Nakakapagtaka, doo bi doo and Panalangin love wedding song. Not only are these songs popular in video and CD formats, but they have also become popular mobile ringtones.

APO also has an official website where anyone can subscribe to the group’s recent updates. Danny, Jim and Bobby are truly legendary in the music industry. They can never be used enough. They can never get out of the picture. They continue to reign in the hearts of their fans and people who can touch their voices

Source by Abhishek Agarwal