If you are planning to travel with a backpack, your goal is to collect light items. Remember, you carry this weight most of the time. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything you need just to have a lightweight package. With proper organization, you will be able to carry all your essentials without having to break your back.

Follow these effective tips for light packaging:

Pack the right clothes

Choosing the type of clothes and shoes that you bring with you will have a great impact on your backpacking trip. Not only is it very useful for your comfort on the road, but it also affects the weight of your package. Use light synthetic materials when choosing clothes. Not only do they weigh less than most materials, but they are also great for absorbing moisture and sweat. Do not bring cotton or denim – they are not well on the way and when they get wet they get really heavy.

Also, set aside boots – instead, look for trail runners because they are more comfortable and lighter.


Every climber and backpacker knows that enough water is essential along the way. You also know that the water you carry is a big part of your pack weight. All you can do is drink at the water source, then fill your bottle with enough water to get to the next water.

Dry your belongings

Dew and moisture can cover the entire surface of your tent and add a few ounces to its weight. It may not seem like much, but your clothes, tarpaulins and other camping gear are also worn, adding more weight than you know. Be sure to dry them before packing!

Go to the sleeping bag

Compared to artificial sleeping bags, sleeping bags are lighter and more compact. It is warmer, which is ideal for backpacks. To prevent it from getting wet, be sure to pack a good quality packing liner!

Divide the weight

If you are backpacking with your family or friends, it does not make sense for each of you to bring your own cooking utensils, tents, etc., prepare your cooking and sleeping, and distribute the load among your group members. That way, each of you carries less!

Follow these 5 effective ways to pack lightly on your next trip with a backpack and no longer worry about the weight of your package!

Source by Daniel J. Smith