“Las Vegas Base Camp: 101 Walks in the Southwest” by Deborah Wall is a valuable resource guide for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts at all levels of activity.

Wall is a well-known expert in this field, hosts a popular column in the field of hiking and other activities, and as a contributor and author of many travel sites and magazines. First published in 2010, the Las Vegas Base Camp quickly became a bible for mountaineers interested in traveling to the area. “Las Vegas Base Camp: 101 Walks in the Southwest” is an updated and extensive version of the book. This guide focuses on routes in Region 4 of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California, especially landscapes that are easily accessible from the Las Vegas area.

My husband and I are relatively new hikers, with several trails in our belt in Colorado and New Mexico, so I was eager to pick up this book and get everything Wall had to offer in this amazing guide. The book begins with a section called Before you go on the trail, And contains the correct practical advice to prepare for the tour. Details from what to wear, what to carry in a day, weather and water considerations, to tips for walking with children, and what to do if you come across some wildlife – such as rattlesnakes!

From there, the author goes directly to specific areas and routes. After completing each hike at least once, Wall provides first-hand information on each hike, including the best season to visit, length and difficulty of the hike, altitude data, alerts, and directions. Specific route. This information is vital because early knowledge allows for proper planning, and climbers will benefit greatly from the author’s experiences. I enjoyed reading the historical significance of many areas, including the claim to fame and the naming of each area.

Aside from the sheer amount of information on these pages, the book is also quite beautiful. Wall, a successful photographer, includes page-by-page stunning photos from each area. The views that come out of the pages are so large that you have to pack up and go out – immediately! Really high quality production in every way, there are many things to love about this guide. Having read it once, I am now eager to return to the many pages I have bookmarked so that I can research and plan for my next trip. However, I have to wait for my husband to finish reading it – he took it as soon as I dropped it!

I highly recommend Deborah Wall’s “Las Vegas Base Camp: 101 Walk in the Southwest” to anyone interested in hiking, camping, or just learning more about the area.

Source by Sheri Hoyte