After scrolling through my Instagram feed a few months ago, looking at a photo after a spectacular photo of the effect in Colorado, I decided I had to see it with my own eyes. I booked my ticket quickly and 2 months later, I was on a flight from Perth to Los Angeles (actually Perth-Sydney-Auckland-Los Angeles), waiting for the happiness of what lay ahead. Not only did I want to immerse myself in the beautiful scenery of Colorado, which was the destination of the bucket list for years, but I also met an amazing girl I could not help but think about. Yes, it was a long flight.

After spending a few days in Los Angeles with a former Cambodian Ferrari friend, I returned to LAX, Colorado. On the flight to Denver, I could not keep my eyes off the window overlooking the land we were flying over. I may actually have a little saliva, a combination of natural cravings and insomnia. I met the magnificent girl mentioned earlier, and we rented a car at the airport and had an accident in Denver at night. In the morning we were ready to move west

In the morning when we went to Birkenridge, along the first ridge we greeted the large wooden estates perched above the rolling landscape. These trees were mixed with beautiful pine and large oak trees. The main property in anyone’s book. Then the snow started … None of us had ever ridden in the snow before, so a little excitement as usual started with the new experiences.

The first trip to Burke was to the beautiful suspended lakes, which took only a few hours and were very crowded all the way. The important thing for me was to take a shower under the icy cold waterfall on top of it. The cold is a fairly appropriate indifference, it was very shocking.

The next day I took an amazing opportunity to sail in white water to climb one of Colorado’s infamous 14ers, mountains above 14,000 meters (4,240 meters for those of us who use the correct measurement method). Even though the weather was bad at best, it was something I came to Colorado to do, but I could not miss the opportunity. I chose the eastern route at Quandri Peak as the target due to the relatively straight route and the lack of technical challenges.

In the morning, while climbing, I called a local outdoor recreation store, I picked up a pair of snowshoes, which informed me that it was an essential piece of equipment (as you can see, I was well prepared ..) It was mid-May, but the snow had lasted a long time and hung around, and the rain was well past the traditional ski season. Unusual weather patterns seemed to be common on this trip, Hollywood Boulevard was flooded, and Texas was a mix of deadly floods and tornadoes when I arrived.

I left the Quandry base in the middle of the morning and left (this is not really recommended because starting early prevents storms from occurring later in the day). Several people were walking in the parking lot, but otherwise I was completely alone in the mountains all the time. I guess this is not a good sign for what is considered a relatively popular increase. Luckily there was a fairly good, snowy track in the first half and I was able to follow at least some of the tracks up.

In a strange 30 minutes, the snow began to fall and did not really drop until it landed quickly. It was not too heavy, but it was accompanied by the wind, which went beyond the tree line and made a cold journey. When I reached the main line, I encountered a relatively sinister scene. Neighboring peaks in the south were covered with dark clouds, and it was not long before Quandry sank.

With pressure, I managed to reach the summit about 2/2 hours after starting. At that time, the cloud was well and truly present, and the top of the mountain was in a relatively good whiteness. I had heard a lot about this phenomenon before (I highly recommend that you avoid it at all costs) and I was a little confused to have a new experience in this field. It took me a while to realize I could barely see my feet.

It was difficult to follow any of the routes I climbed, so I had to fall blindly, hoping to move in the right direction. Fortunately, the east route in Quandry is a relatively gentle slope that is free of any cliffs or climbs, so I was relatively safe. I still wanted to avoid getting completely lost because I did not know where I was or where roads or other paths surrounded the mountain. I do not have much chance in this field ..

I managed to get down the ridge and saw the world around me again. Realizing that I was out of the way but I thought I might encounter it at some point, I reached the tree line again and found a few ski slopes that I thought would get me where I wanted to go. the mistake. They moved in a completely different direction, I was so lost at the time, I followed them anyway, hoping to finally reach a different path or start.

The problem was that no one had walked this way, so there was no snow. It was also afternoon, meaning the snow was softening and muddy. Excellent conditions for walking. Snow is really scary when you see it again, it makes you all excited and happy, but it doesn’t take long for reality to come into being and remind you of what a bastard of a substance really is.

It was a constant battle to get back to the bottom of the mountain. I dug every step of the way, often falling well on white and slut spots around my waist. Several times I had to lower my palm and take my snow shoe out by hand because it was one meter or more below the surface. Yes, I was wearing snow shoes, how soft it was. Luckily there were a few small trees I could use to pull them out, I don’t know how I would have really succeeded otherwise.

The ski slopes finally took me back to the beginning of the route I had taken, and I got tired of walking down the road to shake a passing car. The descent took as long as I had to get up at first. A good old woman picked me up and, after slandering Amish, left me directly in a local irrigation hole. It was very turbulent that night.

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Source by Cody J Hudson