Bad areas of America got their sinister name when the first immigrants found it

It is not possible to turn the wagon safely in the cracked landscape of the moon in the upper Midwest. Our most famous bad lands are kept in Dakota National Parks – and are forbidden to dog climbers.

To give your dog a chance to explore these unique rock-cut lands,

Head south from Dakota to lesser-known areas of Nebraska

Manipulate Here at Gala National Meadows you will find dog-friendly

Toadstool Geological Park is home to a relentless water and wind team

He has carved amazing rocks in the steep hills.

“Toad feces” occur when soft clay erodes faster than stone

The hard sandstone that covers it, you can walk with your dog on the marked path and a mile long

An interpretive circle that leads you on an educational adventure through these

Your dog’s bad areas are welcomed on the Hark Hard Track, but you can also explore remote locations

The close-up path in the ditches looks at the pieces of fossil bone that enclose the net

The rock and the 30-million-year-old footprint are preserved in this rock.

There are rocks along the way that need to be scaled, but this part goes under it

Strip rocks of clay and ash are suitable for any level of climbers. There is only

Scattered shadows and seasonal currents in this ancient riverbed, so bring plenty of it

Water for your dog, especially in the summer months. Rest at the end

Walk in the small enclosed yard of a propagated lawn house next to the parking lot


For long dog walks, Toadstool Park is connected to the world-famous

Hudson Meng Bison Bonyard through a three-mile route. This archeological site is looking for it

It reveals how more than 600 mountain buffaloes died in an area about 10,000 years ago

As much as a football stadium, human hunting is the most common suspect.

Toadstool Geological Park is located 19 miles northwest of Crawford, Nebraska in the United States

Forest Route 904 off State Highway 2/71. The route starts behind the six

Single camp

Source by Doug Gelbert