When hiking for more than 2,100 miles on the Appalachian Trail, do not miss the opportunity for a warm walk to Amicola Falls. The Base of Falls Trail is a mile walk, just south of the Appalachian Trail, overlooking a beautiful waterfall that is one of Georgia’s Seven Wonders. This is a stunning hike and should not be missed because it offers spectacular scenery, wildlife and the soothing sound of water hitting a cliff that pushes you up.

These waterfalls are located in Amicola Falls State Park, 15 miles outside of Dawsonville, Georgia. This route starts from the visitor center and although part of the approach to the Appalachian route is not considered, but the climb is more valuable and the view is more beautiful. This walk is considered difficult and at the same time possible for moderate experienced climbers and for those who occasionally enjoy occasional hiking. The smooth walk begins; Then it is constantly moving uphill. One of the most enjoyable features is the last few steps of the walk, which can only be used with a wooden staircase. Here the climbers make their way down to the waterfall in the same way and there they kiss with the dust of the driving water. A breeze spray is a welcome treatment during a hard climb during the hot months. Every fifty steps or more, there is a convenient ledge or deck that jumps out of the water and allows climbers to pass faster, or families can take pictures of beautiful scenery. The stairs end at the end of the waterfalls where there is a bridge that allows climbers to walk across the creek. This is a good resting place where you can take the best photos while looking at the fall before you. As you cross the bridge, continue for a few more feet to the top of the waterfall.

At the top, the views of the Georgia Valley below are incredible when you go for a wooden hike, where visitors are allowed to stand directly on top of the waterfalls. Look at the rails and watch the water flow at your feet. Also at the top, there is a picnic area with a large field of green grass where you can throw blankets and enjoy a decent lunch. Conveniently, there are toilets upstairs that you can use before walking again, and that makes for a good and happy day. However, entertainment does not have to stop here. If you want to climb more, a climber can continue his journey and jump on the Appalachian Approach Trail to the southern end of the Appalachian Trail and Springer Mountain. Just a quick walk on the road and a blue hike will take the climbers to the beginning of the Appalachian Trail. Whether you’re hiking in the waterfalls to get blood flowing to your feet for a great ride, or if you just want a fun day out, the Base of Falls Trail to Amicalola Falls, albeit short, It is a valuable walk. Enjoy the tallest waterfall in eastern Mississippi.

Source by Sarah M Frank