If you enjoy the tranquility of life, the winding hills, the rugged mountains and the variety of bucolic scenery that has attracted generations of romance, Slovakia is the place for you. From exciting hikes in the Tatra Mountains for the experienced, to picking berries, to walking around towns like Banska Steیاonica for those looking for something a little harder, Central Slovakia has something for everyone.

Around the old mining town of Banska Steیاonica you will see that the nature of the town has taken over. The mining pits in the lake have turned into calm lakes, and enjoying one of these lakes, swimming and picnicking and then returning to the city in time for tea is very enjoyable. An interesting walk in this area is to go to Calvary. The city is located just one kilometer northeast of the old city. Here you will find a group of churches and red and white baroque churches. These each represent a cross station. Visit the Tourist Information Center in the city to get hiking maps and learn more about some of the area’s cultural and historical highlights.

The great Tatars are visible from space on the border between Slovakia and Poland. With a height of 2, 655 meters, Gerlach is the highest mountain in northern and eastern Europe. The beauty of this mountain landscape has inspired many, including the poet who sang the national anthem. The mountains here are a blessing for those who enjoy mountaineering, though warn them that these mountains can be dangerous – never walk alone and always be prepared. Climate conditions can change rapidly, with an average of 20 people sadly losing their lives in the theater each year. If you have a problem, call Mountain Rescue at 18300 – but do not think of this as an easy cancellation as they will charge a hefty fee!

However, those who are wise and ready to travel with others can have a great time, if they have good experience and level of preparation, walk from village to village or take some walks. Cope with more challenging ones. Plan ahead and be aware that public transportation options in this area are sometimes erratic.

If you are looking for a not so challenging walk, walk between Strbské pleso and Popradské pleso, two lakes with beautiful views. This walk will only take about two hours or more. On this walk you will also see a moving memorial garden for those who died in the theaters. Are you looking for a good mountaineer? Try a day walk to the peak of Karivan only in the summer months. This walk shows you the peak of 2495 meters on the route.

There are many options for hiking in mountainous countryside and high peaks. Be careful to stay within your limits and you will surely spend wonderful time in this beautiful and attractive country.

Source by Elizabeth Waddington