In northwestern Massachusetts within the Berkshire Lies Mohawk Trail State Forest. A beautiful 6500 hectare desert with lush hardwoods, deep valleys and a historic Indian trail.

The signed sign of The Indian Trail can be very difficult due to some steep slopes. This route has mountain climbs on both sides, something that novice climbers should pay attention to. The trail is set in the beautiful witch hazel and mountain laurel. Although the route is not well defined, the journey itself is so good that visitors have little trouble clinging to the main passage.

To find your way, head north from the park along the park road. As you cross the camping area, you know you are approaching, as you ascend a natural rocky staircase, as you approach a T-junction. This junction is the official route of India. To the left of Mount Clark is to the right of Mount Todd.

The eastern part of the route to Mount Tod is the most difficult part of the route, as it involves a serious climb. As you move east and start climbing, watch out for the wet rock covered with leaves as it is famously slippery. Reaching the summit of Mount Todd at an approximate altitude of 1,700 feet, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the eastern and southern scenery of the jungle and rural valleys of Massachusetts.

If you move west from the T-link, your path is a little smoother. The gentle rolling hills and pleasant mountain laurels guide you. Just a few hundred feet west of the junction there is a beautiful view of the cold river. As you approach Mount Clark, your one-way journey is over. When they reach a pair of stone bases that are overcrowded by travelers, they may want to designate the area to return to. Although the route continues a little further, it ends abruptly and without formalities in an empty field. After visiting both mountains and returning, the climber has covered a strong distance of four and a half miles.

Although you have not traveled as far as the historical route of India or the Southeast, you will see the route of Mount Thumper. The Thumper Mountain Trail offers several good advantages, the first being that it is adjacent to the camp and easily accessible. Secondly, it offers a real “loop walk” that many find more useful. This nearly half mile trail is ideal for families hiking or camping in the area and having younger children. Although there is a gentle climb, the route itself is very generous.

A very easy walk starts from where the camp road ends and is even indicated by a wooden post. Begin a gentle climb to the top of Mount Thumper. It offers slightly more boar and white pine than other trails in the area, although there aren’t many opportunities for unobstructed photography of what tourists like, so take them as far as you can. At the summit you can see a pleasant view of the southwest from the cold river.

Although the park provides facilities for travelers, it is always best to call in advance and check availability.

Source by Jeff C Thorson