The most popular hiking destination in Jackson Jungle is a mile walk to Pinnacle Peak. At 966 feet above sea level, this is the second highest point in the park. You want some good hiking boots for this route. Sandals, flip flops and court shoes are not suitable at all because this route is very uneven. It is wide, well defined and has a good level in most of the route, but there are many ups and downs. This is a challenging path.

Trail One is the path that leads to this point, at the head of the track from the Pinnacle Peak Parking Area, at the northeastern end of the park. Just follow the main forest road all the way, park on the left. The Pinnacle Peak Shelter House is a little further away, a great place for family gatherings. There is also a playground, elementary camp, fishing on Lake Knob and many other trails here, so it is a good place to spend the day.

This route begins with a relatively steep ascent to the site of the Old Tower, the first landmark along the route. An old fire tower was once here, some of the old concrete pillars were still protruding from the ground. At this point, you want to pick up the left fork, the right one goes to the High Point, about a quarter of a mile away.

The left fork comes down relatively sharply, be careful that this part is somewhat gravelly and slippery even when the ground is dry. The path climbs again, falls and then climbs. Then you meet Trail 10, which enters from the left. A little later, route 10 moves east, the first route continues up to the top and around the hill.

Eventually you will reach a point where you will see two posts that look like a sequence between them. This way you can reach the summit of Pinnacle, but the path actually goes to the left. If you go straight here, you will climb a relatively vertical rock and pebble. The left fork is longer, but much more comfortable.

The path ascends steadily from this point, bends behind the peak, and finally ascends for the last time in a pebble path. After that, there are two main perspectives. The main view overlooks the path you have just climbed. On the right a great view of the surrounding countryside, on the left more hills park. It is directly High Point. The other view is smaller but more impressive than the adjacent hills. An interesting chestnut oak provides an organ for sitting and looking. There are some good rock cliffs to lie on and a bench to sit on. This is a great place to have a picnic lunch and dinner while watching the scenery.

The Pinnacle Peak is basically a forest that is mostly composed of chestnut oak, maple, sugar and other hardwoods. Wild flowers are abundant in spring. This 300-foot climb passes through a beautiful forest, along the ridge, and is divided by the climb to the destination, Pinnacle Peak. This is one of the best jacks in Jackson County.

Source by Paul Wonning