Adorned with unparalleled views of snowfall and pine trees, Kedarkantha Peak is one of the most popular snow hiking destinations in India. It creates a mesmerizing visual scene with snowfall. With a distance of nearly 20 km, this route is considered temperate, making it easy for the first time to witness this fascinating walk. This hike has all the amazing wonders, from the captivating views of the snow-covered Himalayas, the lush greenery, the lush landscapes, the endless collection of plants, the frozen pools to the enchanting peaks of the climber that a climber can imagine.

The Kedarkantha hike is ideal for adventure seekers and less experienced nature lovers who want to enjoy the beauty of this peaceful house of God.

Kedarkantha Trek, located in the western Garhwal of Uttarakashi district, is known for its greater accessibility among all Himalayan hikes. So it can be experienced by amateurs and professional climbers. However, physical fitness is a must. You must run at least 4 km in 30 minutes before traveling on a walking tour. Increasing in height may be difficult for some people. In addition, carrying a backpack to such a height becomes difficult without proper physical fitness.

Walking in Uttarakhand is always a memorable experience because of the mesmerizing beauty and natural panoramic views that make it unmatched by any other famous destination in the country. Not only that, there are many reasons why Kaderkanta Walking is so popular among adventure seekers. The availability of snow until the end of April is a positive point that makes it one of the best destinations for winter travel. The popularity of the unique camps is another reason here. Walking on the dry brown leaves in the dense pine forest is another incredible and memorable experience. As soon as you step into the kedarkantha base, you can see the stunning views of the snow-capped mountain peaks. This scene becomes even more amazing with each step forward.

Although the Kedarkantha hike is still available year-round, the most amazing views are only visible to the naked eye from December to April. Snow trails and numerous layers of snow at the foot of pine trees are worth a walk, but can only be enjoyed in winter.

Days. It is also recommended to avoid this trip during the rainy season.

About travel

The journey to the beautiful peak of Qidarkanta starts from the city of Dehradun. From Dehradun, a long drive to Sankri is at an altitude of 6,400 feet and takes about 10 hours to reach. This distance is 220 km from Dehradun. The trek starts from Sankri the next day to Jadu Ka Talab, which is at an altitude of 9100 feet and takes about 5 hours to reach the destination. Along the way, you can experience the beauty of lush meadows, dense pine forests, beautiful waterfalls and beautiful waterfalls. This is the first camp where climbers have to stay in tents. The day after the magic of the lagoon, one has to walk up to 11,250 feet to Kedarkantha base, which is still approximately 4.5 km away. Along the way, climbers cross lush meadows and for the first time see the view of the tall snow-capped peaks that surround the place. The next destination is Kedarkantha Peak, at an altitude of 12,500 feet, which is a bit more challenging than other places. However, the fascinating views of the Himalayas make up for all the hard work with their breathtaking views. When you reach the summit, this is a return trip, the first stop at Horegaon Camp at an altitude of 8900 feet that you can reach in the same evening. The next day, the route returns to Sangri through dense pine forests. From Sankri, this journey is a return to Dehradun and a way forward.

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most fascinating and exciting mountaineering tours of all time, with your excitement but with limited challenges and less time. This tour is one week and can be easily changed through Dehradun, which is connected to all major cities in the country. This tour is one of the cheapest walking tours and gives you more reasons to consider this amazing experience.

Source by Subhash Pandey