Oh, La Gomera! What a spectacular place it really is. Maybe this year came to you: “La GoWhere?” – And also for good reason, because it’s the best canary secret right now, at least for now.

La Gomera is a beautiful small island in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa. It is the smallest of the seven Canary Islands, although in size, it is offset by its natural beauty and undeniable charm.

This island is circular in shape and its origin is volcanic and is only 14 miles in diameter! Again, albeit geographically small, its mountains offer truly breathtaking views. There are few places left on earth that have natural splendor that have not been harassed by mass tourism to the point of suffocation.

La Gomera, on the other hand, provides the ultimate in tranquility and silence for visitors.

Of course, this does not mean that there is nothing to do there! If you want to enjoy delicious food and a relatively busy nightlife, there are several reputable restaurants and bars. For the most part, though, La Gomera leads a quiet life.

If you want a hustle and bustle, you should go to La Gomera’s sister island in Tenerife. However, if you want to escape the madness and enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer, La Gomera is definitely the place for you! So, what to do in this quiet and hidden gem of the island?

A walk!

This is not a cup of tea for everyone, although for those of you who love great outdoors, La Gomera has plenty of magnificent hiking trails to choose from. Popular trails in La Gomera range from 5 km to almost 11 km and give you plenty of opportunity to sweat!

Enjoy strolling along the beach at Valle Gran Rey. It is one of the most popular destinations on the island due to its stunning scenery and rich cultural history.

A sunset like no sunset

We have all watched the sun a thousand times, each more beautiful than before. The sunset in La Gomera, however, is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experiences you can witness.

You can gather with your friends and locals for a few cold beers and watch the fire dancers perform the sunset with local pipe and drum music. This is really something to see and offers a completely unique experience of the collision of different dance songs from each bar along the bar in Tenerife.

Watch the whale

There are few places where you can successfully see whales with all their natural beauty. La Gomera offers a number of fascinating excursions that will make your vacation very beautiful. How many hours in a boat with lunch in nice weather is not so bad?

Mirador de Abrante Restaurant

In the northern part of the island you have a stunning restaurant called Mirador de Abrante. This place is famous all over the world and offers the most magnificent view in the whole of La Gomera. Through this incredible glass structure, you will be able to enjoy 625 meters above sea level from a unique view of Tenerife!

Calm down

La Gomera has many cultural beauties to admire, with a number of local festivals being welcomed by most tourists. But the most important thing is to be able to really escape from the daily grind and stress of everyday life and find peace in heaven.

Stay away from the beaten path and experience this wonderful hidden gem while still relatively untouched by tourism. You will have an amazing time and look at your stay in La Gomera with only the best memories.

Source by Jack Michael Goss