Leh & Ladakh is one of the most stunning corners of India. These wonderful lands of freezing winds and scorching hot sunlight, the cold desert in the shadow of the rain of the great Himalayas. Globetrotters are enchanted by the lush greenery of this place, which is fascinated by foggy valleys, high mountain ranges and fascinating scenery.

Leh is the largest city in Ladakh, known as the “Land of Long Passages”, where you will find the best scenery on earth. This area is full of tourist pleasures with spectacular beauty, Buddhist monasteries, rich culture and tradition, adventure sports, hiking trails, historical monuments and places, lush fertile lands along the edges of rugged mountains, sparkling streams and rivers. This is truly the coldest desert in India. This region is not described as a land like any other land.

Leh & Ladakh hosts the essence of Buddhism, where you can connect with your inner peace, harmony and nature. The monasteries of the region are the repository of rich Buddhist culture and religion. Sankar Gompa, Spituk Gompa, Hemis Monastery, Shey Gompa and Thiksey Monastery are some of the popular monasteries here.

Ladakh is known as the “Adventure Capital” of India because of its geographical features, pleasant weather conditions and high mountain slopes make adventure enthusiasts indulge in fascinating and fascinating sports. This place offers a cocktail of adrenaline boosting sports.

Exciting and exciting sports are simply not comparable here. With the guidance of experts, people can go river water rafting, mountaineering, cycling, camel safari, polo and archery. This is exactly the place to be for walking. Walking on breathtaking trails is a fun and enjoyable activity.

There are many breathtaking views of the area, including Leh Palace, the Stoke Palace Museum and many low-rise houses. During this visit, tourists can also enjoy the magnificent frozen rivers, snow-capped peaks and high passes. Tso-Moriri, Tsokar and Pangong Tso lakes are the most beautiful elements of the region. The magnificent Pangong Lake in Ladakh is the highest saltwater lake in the world and is a place of natural hypnotic beauty.

Leh & Ladakh’s cultural companions shine in its mosaic exhibitions and festivals. Do not miss to participate in colorful Buddhist festivals such as Hamis Festival, Sando Darshan, Ladakh Festival, Losar Festival and so on. All these festivals are celebrated with splendor, shows and interesting dramas and dances with traditional music.

There are a number of outdoor markets in Ladakh where tourists enjoy shopping for a variety of items. You can spend hours in the market. Woolen fabrics are wool, wall coverings, jewelry, handmade carpets and rugs and are the best-selling items in Ladakh and Ladakh.

The last and most important things that can be found in terms of food in Lee Ladakh, wax, chopper, tigmo, butter tea, coffee, steamed meatballs full of vegetables or meat, are the main items of Ladakh dishes. Some popular restaurants also offer international cuisine – continental, Italian, Chinese, Israeli.

So get ready to enjoy your next vacation in Leh and Ladakh.

Source by Amanda Bos