*** Life is like a man climbing the ladder to success – he must constantly replenish his efforts. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we all need help, encouragement, or a more spiritual approach to help. Look for peaceful ways to continue the necessary efforts to achieve challenges or successes. Seek advice or guidance and help from heaven. Make time for prayer or meditation, sometimes you need to slow down or pause. Stop for a moment. Look at the sublime sky. Investigate a fact, question yourself. Do you climb your ladder to dignity and honor? Are you satisfied with your findings? Whether you are walking or climbing, you are on the right track as long as you are constantly striving to complete your quest to achieve a mission or dream. Align your mindset well with your wants and needs. Your mind is very happy when moving forward, like water and ocean waves. Your choice of world / life is to follow successful rivers or springs, and pursue all your life endeavors. Climbing and climbing every step of the ladder of life, assures you that you will climb to the heights of spectacular or unmistakable plateaus. Don’t forget, be aware that you deserve personal success. You have endured thousands upon thousands of trials alone, expect the hard victory you have achieved alone! You do not need to pick up someone waiting to ride with you or pull someone following you. It is not your job to kill anyone who does not belong to you, or those who are behind you. ***

No one else has the right to reap the success you have achieved alone! You have provided and experienced this experience for yourself, you alone have set the goal you want to claim. Enjoy the victory that your determination has given you. Rest assured that in the hard work of the world, you work with a lot of time, effort, sacrifice and tremendous energy. It will not be invalidated. As your investment, it returns to you and to the love of others. Be proud of yourself – you have put your best work ethic into practice. Your work and effort will never leave you disappointed. Make progress by knowing that you have made significant progress. Enjoy reaping and sowing more seeds of your own endeavor until the next adventure begins. Please enjoy the impression you have gained alone. Eat the fruits of your labor. Question or correct your work. Carry your world in the pursuit of honesty and integrity. Let your children be proud of the path you have chosen for them as a legacy or a privilege. With your honest behavior, you will be guided by an extraordinary pattern! Your children live in the same way that you have modeled on honesty and integrity. Whether living and working in virtual reality or working in a more tangible career, practice your business or online skills honestly, correctly and methodically. Live as if tomorrow is the day of judgment.

Understanding your skills and talents is very important. Know your skill areas. Be aware of the quality of your skills. Well, know your strengths and weaknesses, your shortcomings or shortcomings. Take the time to empower your efforts. Maintain your health and protect your vital force. Work on all eight cylinders. Know that like a lubricated and healthy engine, you have an engine with manpower that needs repair, smoothness and attention. Your drive / motorcycle lets you drive on rough roads. If you want to travel fast, prepare your mind and body for a motorcycle trip. You will be better equipped and able to fulfill your desires and go beyond it, have a lot of rest. Take the time to develop the healthy eating and resting habits you normally do. The only thing the world can ask of you is to be comfortable in your car or shoes. Be the best you can be. No one can be better than you, right?

If your best efforts do not bring you much, get the joy that learning and life lesson (s) have given you. Every day a new dawn is offered to us to plan or pursue many programs to overcome challenges, win prizes, or achieve introspection through the lessons we have learned.

Making more money than working, we learn and we have more respect for ourselves and each other – this is a very different goal, but it is still important that it is achieved at the end of the day. Life lessons are learned more from our failures than from our successes. You and I have acquired every silver star that we metaphorically show on our shoulders. Recognize that with each new sunrise, there is an opportunity for a new prize to emerge, planning to start again with endless possibilities.

With each sunrise, a beautiful prize is prepared that has risen from the depths of your soul. A new loving soul award is given to you every day from the very core of existence. Let the whole world see and know your words, thoughts and desires. Be prepared to share or empower others. Your work on earth will be longer than your life and will show your worthiness. Make your work, words or efforts unique. Sunset is the best time to reflect on what is happening in your life, or to set a new height for the next sunrise. Decide to make some changes before the next sunrise. Before you criticize or envy others, make a plan to understand your intentions. Jealousy is often an excuse not to try to do something extraordinary, unique, or complete something that requires a lot of time and personal investment. Those who are jealous of you actually see themselves in the mirror and do not like what is not reflected in themselves. Those who are jealous of you are the ones who do not like to sweat, instead engaging in short-lived ways to achieve stolen, temporary and fleeting success. Amazing ways, despite the fact that we succeed by creating clever ways to create opportunities that do not belong to them in the first place.

Life really is to know that it takes time to climb the stairs before you reach the ladder of success. Accept the learning curve, review your efforts, you must constantly modify, modify, correct or refocus your goal. A lot of time, perseverance, hard work and constant climbing are essential to success before reaching the top of the ladder. Gaining the rewards you earn alone is like being born again! Life is fair, especially when you know you’ve done the work you need with constant effort, SNAP! You finally get a reward! Convinced that you are known by the highest living force – the universal source of power that knows the truth about you and me – it values ​​all unique individual endeavors, deeds and talents, and always will. It is done in the divine. timing!

**** I enjoy learning from you and others who are constantly giving me knowledge! ~

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune