Mountaineering and rock climbing can be one of the most terrifying sports anyone can do, and at the same time, it is one of the most exciting, challenging and valuable human activities. However, the excruciating pain of a completely paralyzed muscle and the exhaustion of all your manpower as your muscles tremble and your mind wants to give up is a kind of self-inflicted injury that tests a human soul. he does. to the

At some point, you realize that you can go back and not have enough energy to move (up), and at the same time, you have to; Survive. You get to your gut quickly, just begging for a few more ounces of power and then firing adrenaline again, looking for a response to your command for a little more energy. Energy from anywhere, you do not care where, because without it, you have toast. And even in this ultimate life and death challenge, enjoy traveling with your favorite MP3 player and music. It can make all the difference

It’s really amazing how you can play one of your favorite songs while climbing, and then every time you play that song, no matter where you are, you may be standing at home, in the car or even in line. DMV returns as a vivid memory of the mountain and reminds you of what you were made of.

Your mind flashes and you can not stop it, you remember as if it were yesterday. And all you can do is smile a little and smile and think about how to do your job, and when men no longer dare to take up the challenge, refuse to give up. That’s why I take my MP3 player to the mountains, why you?

Source by Lance Winslow