The hike starts from North Duras

Because the small village of North Duras (Near Batemans Bay off the south coast of NSW) Adjacent to the lake, the beach and Bushland, you can enjoy a variety of experiences while strolling in Muramarang National Park.

1) Discovery sequence

The most popular sidewalk in Muramrang National Park. Highlights include: Spotted gum trees. Rainforest section; A “log log”; Extensive bird life and views of Lake Duras. The discovery route is about 4 km. Give it an hour. Easily ranked

2) Bob Rock

This sidewalk follows the shoreline of Lake Duras. Highlights include a walk through the Burrawang Palms and an opportunity to climb the hill to see Lake Duras. Bob Rock himself is a drowned rock in Lake Duras. Give it an hour. Easily ranked

3) Walk on Lake Duras

This route is 5.5 km along Lake Duras along the northern shores of Lake Duras. It is more flat. Highlights include the extensive life of birds, Burrawang palm trees and spotted gum trees. The part of the lake that borders this walk is the Batemans Marine Park Conservation Area. The return can be extended by joining other hiking trails in Moramrang National Park. Easily ranked 1.5 hours.

4) Burrawang walk

Starting from Durras North, this is a 5 km circular walk. The first section is approximately 1 km along the coast of Duras. Then a steep climb to the top of the Point Upright tab before returning to North Duras. Highlights include views of Duras Beach and Beagle Bay. Give an average degree of 1.5 hours.

5) Right walking point

Starting from Durras North, this walk includes 1 km of beach walking. The route then follows a rocky platform under the Point Upright tab. The next beach is the Depot Beach and the return section takes you through the bushes to the north of Duras. Highlights include Grasshopper Island and the possibility of seeing whales or dolphins. Allow 1.5 hours for easy to moderate grading. It should only be done at low times and when the sea is calm.

There are other walks from Durras North but these are the most popular. You really have to do a few things to understand the diverse environments of North Duras and Muramarang National Park.

Source by Peter Counsell