When it comes to exploring the Himalayas, most of us like to go hiking. However, this is not the only way to measure distance around the Himalayas. Mountain biking is also a great choice. The sport is not as popular in India as in the West. Gradually, though, it is certainly evolving.

Exploring the Himalayas with your bike is a whole new experience. Cycling is an adventure sport, and the Himalayas offer many opportunities for those who want to pump adrenaline into their veins. The Himalayas are widespread in many countries, but India also has the largest share and the best. There are long plain routes that cyclists can ride comfortably and comfortably. At the same time, there are steep climbs that cyclists are looking for.

Go cycling to the Nainital Corbett

There are many mountain biking routes in the Himalayas. However, if you are a beginner, you want to consider Nainital Corbett Mountain biking. During this hike, you will see some of the most incredible scenery in Utaracund. The trail is not exactly easy. In fact, most people who have been there in certain places find it very challenging. But in most cases, it is easy to adjust. There are times when you just walk on the plains and a gentle breeze blows over your face. But, there will be climbs and climbs that really test your stamina and willpower.

Overview of travel

Depending on your personal perseverance and itinerary, this trip can take up to 7 days. The itinerary is determined when you have selected a mountain biking package for this trip. In this case, other cyclists will accompany you and, there is a fair chance, there will be guidance.

The main camp is usually in Pangot, about 2 hours by car from Kathgodam. If you have a package, pick up at Kathgodam Railway Station and drive to Pangot. At the main camp you will meet a cycling leader who will also be your guide. Orientation is completed at the base camp. Also, check your bike to make sure it is in the best condition for enduring the harsh Himalayan regions.

Keep in mind that most MTB packages do not include bicycle rental. It is recommended that you take your personal bike with you for mountain biking. However, bicycles are also available for rent. You may have to pay between تا 5,000 and ، 10,000 as a bicycle rental for the trip. It is better to buy your bike and ride it regularly to be informed. Also, if you plan to travel regularly by bike, having a bike will be cheaper.

You can go it alone if you like. However, this can be dangerous, especially if you have no previous experience of mountain biking.

Source by Subhash Pandey