Naked walk in the national park – Coronado National Forest

National parks may have secluded areas where naked walking is quite possible – even often. Of course, you should be careful not to insult visitors who do not appreciate nudity or may even call 9-1-1 to report your activity. But if you have chosen areas where hiking is common, the climbers you encounter are likely to be naked.

If you are one of the many people who like to go back to nature by finding a remote area (private spelling), where you can take off your clothes and maze. Nature Outdoors, there are many hidden spots around America that can make this happen.

Unlike Europe, our American Puritan instincts make nudity more difficult in the United States, but one of my favorite places to walk naked is in Tanque Verde Falls. It has been a popular nature area for many years.

Tanque Verde is located just east of Tucson, Arizona in the Coronado National Forest. After leaving the cobblestones, a dusty road takes you into a park and an area that everyone walks away from. Although I do not recommend it, some naked visitors go to popular places from the park.

Note: Tanque Verde Falls is located in a narrow valley. At the northern end of the valley, the rocky ground flattens and turns into a giant funnel that brings sudden rains into the valley. After heavy rains (which may rarely occur in Tanque Verde itself), the water level can rise rapidly and few people have the strength to swim in the currents. There are numerous reports of climbers dying in an unexpected wave. So before you fall asleep in the sun, plan a quick exit route.

As you walk down the valley, you will find the first nature trail where the waterfall is located. In the dry season, the rocks are about 30 feet high. These waterfalls become the place of waterfalls when the water rises with the melting of mountain snow or heavy rain upstream. Otherwise, there is usually a sandy beach or large flat cliffs for sunbathing. Access to this area is the easiest and single people and couples travel directly from there.

Gays and lesbians generally walk half a mile more than the valley and take good trails to the area above Tanque Verde Falls. It is not difficult to get down from the main route, but it is a steep ascent and after the climbers are tired of being exposed to the hot sun, it shows a harder ascent from the valley.

When you reach the riverbed, put on your clothes and put on your hiking boots. (I recommend you take a pair of canvas hiking shoes as you may have to walk one foot in a pool of water.)

This area is like the Garden of Eden in the middle of the desert. Just make sure you have water packaging and maybe some beer or wine. And don’t forget a sandwich or snack. There are no services nearby.

Enjoy yourself. But beware of the dangers of nature. I was watched by a shaking rattlesnake, and once I almost stepped on a wheezing cherry monster. You will see white frogs, beautiful birds and birds of prey and of course many saguaro cacti among other desert plants and flowers.

Have a naked walk!

Source by David Currier