Walking is one of those masculine activities that is much more fun and satisfying than what it looks like on paper – as long as the ugly penile rash does not pull back. When the annoying itching or other skin conditions affect a person’s pleasure, the strong and invigorating feeling that a boy gets from being united with nature is greatly reduced. Men who like to walk should take the necessary measures to maintain the health of their penis at a high level, in case of penile rash, eliminate it or treat it properly.

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Why does penile rash often occur when walking? Only naturally when walking, the penis and balls are thrown around like any other situation. However, walking causes health to occur over a long period of time, often only with occasional breaks. In contrast, regular daily walks are for shorter periods, usually with long breaks between them. In addition, walking tends to take different steps and positions – longer, shorter, reaching the top, and so on. Both of these conditions create more opportunity for friction between the groin and surrounding tissue.

In addition, walking tends to be very active, which in turn increases the “sweat factor”. Sweaty penis while wet creates more friction. It also produces more bacteria, which in turn increases the chance of developing a penile rash.

So, with the condition of the penis rash at the desired level, what are the measures to prevent getting this condition?

– Wear appropriate underwear. Loose boxers tend to aggravate the situation and create more friction. Shorts are better in terms of tightness, but can cause a rash around the legs where the elastic tightens. Boxer shorts or lycra shorts are a better option.

– Try a bandana. The head of the penis is especially prone to itching and itching when walking, so many men try to fold the bandage around the head and walk around it for extra protection.

Consider condoms. Some men have also found that using a condom when walking helps with friction as little as possible. However, finding one can be difficult unless a man intends to maintain an erection for the entire walk. In the case of a loose penis, using a smaller condom may work – but it can also be painful when having an erection. (Since a man experiences several erections a day, it makes sense to assume that the climber will have an erection at least in some cases.) Of course, men who are sensitive to latex should use a non-latex condom.

– open. If a man is sure that he will not encounter other climbers, he may wish to open the zipper and take out his penis for a while while walking. It can also dry out excess sweat.


In the event of a penile rash, be sure to wash and dry the penis thoroughly as soon as possible. Naked and exposure to air in the affected area can also help the healing process.

Penile rash caused by walking can be treated by maintaining the health of the penis through regular use of the first degree Penis health cream (Health experts recommend Man1 Man Oil, Which is clinically proven to be mild and safe for the skinMaintaining the balance of hydration is very important. The skin needs to have the right oils to treat, so a cream with a strong combination of a premium emollient (like shea butter) and a natural moisturizer (like vitamin E) is definitely needed. It is also important for the skin to prevent strong antioxidants to prevent significant oxidative cell damage to the cells of the penis. Creams containing antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid are ideal.

Source by John Dugan