Lake Rara is located in the western part of Nepal. Lake Rara is located in Rara National Park (106 square kilometers) and is the smallest national park in Nepal. Lake Rara is the largest lake in Nepal with an area of ​​10.8 square kilometers and a depth of 167 meters. This lake is the main attraction of this area.

Rara National Park is home to endangered species of mammals and birds including chirps, red pandas, leopards, black bears, hawksbills, gerals and many more. The forests of this region are generally covered with coniferous trees.

Rara is one of the best mountaineering trails in the west. This trail is located in the farthest point of the country, which is mostly visited by climbers. This area of ​​the lake is less affected or has very little impact on humans, so the water is very clean and the surroundings are very clean. Although it has great potential and beauty with amazing views, but because of the remoteness of this place, very few tourists go there. Also, a small number of households live near this area.

Lake Rara is very favorable in terms of weather conditions. Summer is better than winter because there is a cold and breeze. During the winter the temperature drops below freezing so autumn and spring are the best seasons to visit Rar Lake. During the winter months, the area receives heavy snow, making mountaineering difficult. Spring is considered to be the best season to visit Rara because climbers can bloom different species of flowers around the lake, which enhances the beauty of the lake. Lake Rara also acts as a wetland and is home to various species of migratory birds that come from Siberia. Therefore, this place is also for visiting mountaineers who love to watch different species of birds as well as ornithologists. Therefore, eliminating the rainy season / monsoon rains in all other seasons can be considered as the best season to travel to Rara.

The view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas above the lake increases the attractiveness of the climbers. This walk can be classified as a hard walk. This is a difficult walk because on our way to Rara we encounter rugged and steep hills. Chuchemare Danda is the best view near Lake Rara which offers a wonderful view of the lake along with the beautiful Himalayan range in the north. This journey begins after our flight to Joomla from Kathmandu. We start our journey from Jumla and reach Rara in 3 days. When we reach this lake, our trip becomes valuable. Instead, limited-time climbers can reach Lake Rara just after a 4-hour walk from Mogo Airport. But the real adventure and fun is achieved by the climbers moving up to Jumla.

Source by Ram Gautam