This summer has been one of the best summers I have climbed in many years. I spent my days on the rock for more than six years. This trip was a journey for books. The Uinta Mountains are a great place to restrain and climb. As I mentioned before, I have been climbing for more than ten years. Even after this amount of restraint, I had never climbed the Uinta range. I spent all my time in those mountains hiking, backpacking and fishing. I was determined to change that.

School started for me this week, and I needed the last lady before the busiest semester started. There was one person I knew I had to spend time climbing, and that person was my older brother. I started mountaineering when I was 14 and my brother was there with me, he and I spent some of our first days climbing together, along the Rock Canyon, in Provo, Utah. It was just okay to spend the weekend with him.

Climbing at Uintas has been around for years. There are hundreds of trade routes in this area and the location of each hill is just amazing. For climbers, this is a good place to climb. It is a quartzite rock and is one of the best rocks I have climbed. The quartzite I am used to climbing is smooth, slippery and not very interesting to climb. However, quartzite in the Uinta Mountains is solid and very unique. Most of the holes in this area are mostly traded and it is known that some of the most difficult trade routes in Wasatch are located there. An essential for anyone looking for a new environment in a beautiful area.

Climbing to the height of Uinta was a big change for me, meaning that everyone climbed above 8500. Ruth Lake finds itself in the range of 10,000. Climbing to this height really bears your body and shows your level of physical fitness quickly. Most ascents in the Ruth Lake area are winding sport climbing. This makes it a popular place for salt lake dwellers who are looking for easier routes in colder temperatures during the summer months. Routes range from 5.6 to 5.12 and can be up to 80 inches long.

My brother and I went to Lake Ruth on a wet weekend. It rained almost all the time we were there, but it dropped so much that we could climb for at least five hours. We did not climb anything harder than 5.10a, but I did not care, the climb was one of the best I have ever done. One of the 10a’s, Black Elk, is easily the best quartzite route I have ever climbed. I have not enjoyed such a path for a long time. The movement and the length of the path, in my opinion, made this thing 4 stars. Black Elk on Mountain Project says the route is only worth driving to Lake Ruth.

Lake Ruth has several walls to climb, the most popular being The Good Medicine. Other walls in the area include the memorial wall, the killer wall and others. Despite the rain, which was not a major issue, it was one of the best mountaineering trips I have ever taken. This is essential for those looking to climb 10 in one of Utah’s most beautiful areas. Enjoy travel photos.

Source by Devin Ashby