There are many things in the world that are considered as grants and / or are not recognized – Salkantay is one of them. While talking about the Inca Trail is a classic Peruvian, it does not mean that it is the only one. You can find the tranquility of the Peruvian desert in many different places across the country.

This place was once recognized by National Geographic as one of the top 25 travel destinations in the world. It is easy to understand why you work on it once. The scenery is beautiful and you will travel in different areas, from grasslands to the Andes Mountains to the cloud forest.

This walk can be done in four days by moving to a farther point along the way, but preferably in five days. This will make you walk to Aguas Calientes / Machu Picchu Pueblo on the fourth day. The next morning, take a walk or take a bus to Machu Picchu. There is also an alternative, which includes a footpath on the Inca route. Inca sequel permission and seven days are required for this.

Proper clothing is very important because of the change in the area that exists. It is always recommended to wear layers when you are at heights. Walking obviously warms you up too. But temperature changes can be very severe, especially on this trip.

For example, the first night, as you approach the icy mountain of Salkantay, the bones are terribly cold. This morning, when you put on your hiking boots, you will reach the highest point of the hike. After that you mostly go to warmer climates, though the route goes up and down.

Santa Teresa is home to wonderful hot springs, and this is something you can enjoy on the third day of your trip. They are still being rebuilt after the 2010 floods, but at least some of the pools have reopened. There are also inexpensive accommodations in the area that can make a good difference from sleeping in a tent.

On the last day of the hike, on your way to Aguas Collins, you are well and truly into the woods of the forest. With a wide range of fruits, flowers, coffee beans, orchids and bananas; Vegetation reflects the climate. Despite the heat and humidity, this is a lovely end to the walk and you can’t believe you slept the first night.

The best way to see Machu Picchu is before the crowd arrives, so when you wake up before the fifth morning light, be sure to take advantage of it. I suggest using the bus instead of walking so you don’t have to wake up too soon. If you are interested in hiking in Huayna Picchu while you are there, be sure to mention this when booking your trip. Access to the summit must be purchased and this ticket will be purchased when purchasing the Machu Picchu ticket.

Source by Terry Philips