Traam Heritage Trail is a new trail developed in Nepal. This trial is a walk very close to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. This trail is located in the north of Kathmandu. It takes about 7-8 hours from Kathmandu to reach the starting point of the hike. This walk starts and ends in Syabrubesi. This hike allows climbers to get to know the culture of Tamang community along with the scenic natural beauty. Climbers can also enjoy therapeutic baths in the natural hot springs.

The locality of this trail mostly belongs to the Tamang community. It is said that all Tamangs living here are Tibetans who immigrate to Nepal for permanent residence. It is believed that the ancestors of the modern Tamang people were Tibetan sectarians who flew from Tibet to settle in Nepal. They then began permanent residence in Nepal and changed their Tibetan cassette to Tamang. The culture and traditions of the Tamang people living on this route are similar to those of the Tibetans living on the Nepal-China border. People in the Tamang community who live on and near this new trail celebrate Lhosar. The other most important religious festivals celebrated by the Tamangs are Buddha Gianti, Dashin and Tiar. They enjoy festivals by performing a dance called “cello”. Musical instruments called “Dhampu” are played by men in the Tamang community while women dance. Travelers on this route this season can enjoy cello dancing with locals as well as taste Tamang local food.

During this hike, climbers can enjoy a beautiful view of the Long Tong area and can also enjoy the amazing scenes of the forests covered with red rhododendron flowers. The flowering of rhododendrons on the hills of this route makes the hills look red, which is more attractive. All this helps to make the walk more beautiful. It is a short and not so difficult walk and it is also a cheap walking route compared to other trips. Therefore, this trip will surely be suitable for any climber. This area was previously registered as a restricted area for tourists but has recently been reopened.

As the trail runs along Tamang Village, climbers have the chance to enjoy social life with locals. They can also interact with friendly and hospitable locals as well as learn their lifestyle, languages ​​and more. It is not always tourists who learn, locals also have the opportunity to learn new ideas, tourist culture and so on. Locals and tourists have the chance to get rid of superstitious and orthodox behaviors.

Source by Ram Gautam