India is one of the most useful places in the world to host adventure activities, whether safari in nature reserve, camel riding in the desert or hiking in the mountains.

India has many adventure destinations that attract many adventure enthusiasts to India. Adventure sports such as hiking, mountaineering, boating and rock climbing; And water sports such as diving, boating and scuba diving are practiced in many parts of India.

Top 10 Adventure Places:

Darjeeling is located in northwestern Bengal at an altitude of 7,000 feet. The Natural History Museum is another Darjeeling tourist attraction, featuring a beautiful collection of Himalayan animals, reptiles, birds and insects. Some other places worth visiting are Butia Bost Monastery, Dirdam Temple, Ava Art Gallery and Alobari Monastery.

2. Gulmarg – “Flower Meadow” is located in the Great Himalayas. Gulmarg also offers great opportunities for long walks. The beauty of Kashmir Valley can not enchant you. You can explore Nanga Parbat and Haramukh.

Located on the slopes of the Himalayas, Jim Corbett National Park is a place for adventure sports such as forest safaris, wildlife camps and forest camps.

4. Manali attracts a large number of tourists due to the number of temples, monasteries, crossings, waterfalls, sights, etc. and is also an ideal place for adventure sports such as skiing, hiking and hiking.

The Zanskar Valley is located across the Suru Valley on Pensi La in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. Walk to Panikhar or Rangdum over Pents La, Zanzekar Valley from Lamairo, Leh or Darcha, from Padum to Markha Valley

6. Dodital resides in the Uttarkashi area of ​​Garhwal. It offers great opportunities for other popular hiking adventure sports. Smoky Lake is famous for its trout and fish fishing.

7. Leh is actually a mountaineering paradise in northern India. Lacrosse is a popular activity in Leh. The Leh-Manali Highway rewards spectacular scenery. You may try river rafting on the Zanskar River in Leh.

8. Rishikesh Adventure Destination is located in the northern part of the state of Utranchal. Rishikesh hills and rivers are great places for adventure lovers. Rishikesh also operates a base for hiking camps.

9. Auli is located in the northern part of the state of Uttaranchal and forms part of the Garhwal mountain range. Auli is one of the few places in India where skiing is a major pastime.

10. The bill in Himachal Pradesh is located at 8500 feet in the Kangra Valley. Para-sailing has been a common sport in billing in the Kangra Valley.

Source by Prashant Jainengg