Sometimes it’s a good idea to write things down. Like where your grandmother was born, or when. Generations that people record the birth and death of family members. Most of them, apart from the honest entertainment of the genealogy, are in the family Bible, on the front of the page, or on the papers that are stuck there and are traditionally in the hands of an older family member, such as Grama. Maybe he’s gone now, but his bible can be found in that box in the attic. A treasure trove of family information is available without looking too far.

Most people who start to trace their genealogy find a good starting point with the family Bible. Maybe you are thinking of looking for your family tree or maybe a child asked a question about the family that was not easily answered. You can do a simple project to find the basics without committing to a new hobby, learning a few terms, spending a bunch of money online, or paying a professional to do it for you. It can be fun, useful and free.

Many people, if not more, have very little information about their family history. Collecting your own history tree can be easy. You do not need any expensive computer programs or subscription services. All you need to get started is a basic family history and you can get it in two places: Family Bible and a free internet website.

To get started, place a blank page in your word processor.

Start your research with yourself. Your information is first generation. Your parents are the second generation of grandparents and the third generation and so on.

Write your full name, time and place of birth, full name of your spouse (from surname to wife) and name and date of birth of each child.

That will be your family page. Researchers call that page a family group sheet. It’s all about your family.

Now prepare a family group sheet for your parents. All about your family, their full names and their parents, and you and your siblings. Put the title PARENTS in the upper right corner.

Now, a new family group tab for your grandparents. You need two family bed sheets for grandparents, so do only one side of your family at a time to avoid too much stress.

Tag the new GRANDPARENTS page and get started. Soon you will not be able to find your fourth grandparents, or fifth grandparents or more.

If Great Grama had 12 children, just look for information that is in your direct line. No aunt or uncle or cousin to start. You can always come back and find whoever you can find.

Learning about your family heritage can be eye-catching and fun.

You may have said, “I wish Grampa was still alive. There are so many things I want to ask him.” Correct it so that the grandchildren do not have to say this.

This is the only free website you need Take a look.

Source by Mike McDaniel