You know, people’s lives are just a little crazy. Things can often go crazy. It is insane to empathize with children and their programs or social commitments and other things. Even Saturday night fun can be a little crazy!

Every once in a while, our bodies need to relax, rejuvenate, and rejuvenate. This is a great goal indeed, when we are stuck in locked network traffic at rush hour, we are shopping around the mall to buy last minute gifts or we are fast approaching a deadline for which we have worked hard. ام. But rejuvenation is essential. Why do you think yoga has become a common practice in the last twenty or thirty years?

I practice yoga and I love it. Especially when I can practice outdoors or in a calm and beautiful environment. I must say that coming out and breathing fresh air, participating in nature – whether walking, hiking, cycling or practicing yoga – is very cathartic. There is nothing like this. My new love is just walking or hiking – a place with beautiful scenery and landscapes, a place where my mind can be distracted from the pressures of life.

I walked with my boyfriend today. We’ve been dealing with the stress of illness lately (our whole house was plagued by a weird respiratory virus circulating around our heads – literally! We were all dizzy. Did you know there’s actually a drug that Relieves dizziness?) An initial unusual cold with more than twenty inches of snow, which affected many people, except for the endless work we both had to do in our jobs. Which we both do from home)! We seemed to be connected to our computer monitors and I felt claustrophobic.

After a few days of working inside, cooperating and feeling a special connection to the internet connection, I was good enough. I have to get out of our little apartment and get some fresh air (we live in Aspen, Colorado, where all the apartments are small – it looks like New York City – not much space). We rode the guard rails at Independence Pass, where it is locked for the winter. We parked, got off and set off. Of course, this was not a real walk in the country (we were walking on the sidewalk), but we went with a good clip before turning for more than an hour. The weather was crisp and cool (and since most of this part of the pass is in full view of the south, we were not exposed to frost). The best part was the magnificent scenery! It was great to be outside the house and bring everything with you!

These are the times when I get ideas that I like to call “more creative ideas.” I can fantasize or get lost in the wonders of the desert. My imagination goes wild! One of the wildest adventures of the mind began: I realized how hot I was, even though I was wearing only yoga pants, a bra, and a light fleece jacket. The air was more cold than my body, but my chest seemed to be almost hot (and even sweaty)! That was when my mind was released. I wonder if my breasts do not cool because I have a silicone implant?

Then I said loudly to my boyfriend, “If I had ever been frozen here, baby … I wonder if my chest is freezing?”

“What ?!” He knew I was referring to my silicone implants and said, “This is just out!”

I knew it was. But I continued, “Well, you know. My breasts never get cold!” I said with a laugh

“they do not?” He asked.

“No! But I’m not sure if it’s because I’m moving so much when I’m out in the cold, exercising, because my chest is warming up because of the extra weight, or because my lungs are so hot.” Do they work hard? I will stand! “

“This is so weird baby!” He made fun of me. We both laughed at the weird places your mind (well, my mind) can go out on the edge of the desert.

I admit, it was a complex humorous moment. Why on earth did I wonder if my dice would freeze anyway? Leave it to me that many girls ask themselves (no?), But they were very afraid to ask!

Recently, I read a poll column in a local newspaper that showed them setting up a booth at the base of one of Aspen’s most popular walks, the Smuggler’s Ring. The author pointed out how many people use walking as a way to cope with the pressures of life, so the booth at the base can be run by a priest, a consultant, etc … He has good ideas for how to market the market Had ideas, meaning “cardio consultants” or “respected in rebox”. It was so funny I thought, now this can work! But the truth is that many people go to nature to think and walk to talk! Walking, Walking – Coming out and breathing fresh air is very exciting and can solve a world of problems. It can be argued that, given the places my mind travels on these walks, even a small amount of psychological help may not be chaotic! I swear the pocket version of “Psychology for Dummies” never warned me about the dangers of leaving Waco’s house!

The thing is, I went for this great walk and experienced incredibly calm and thoughtful moments, as well as a lot of laughter along the way. It was actually a fun experience for the self-proclaimed urban girl I am! But he also wiped my head. Believe me, I have many things in life that make my thoughts blurry or distorted and stress me out! This little jump took me to another world and I enjoyed that moment as well as its tremendous benefits to my body!

Source by Lisa Jey Davis