The Asbyrgi Valley is one of the most magnificent geological wonders you can find in northeastern Iceland. This valley is a gentle horseshoe, which is 3.5 km long and 1.1 km wide. Not only will it be mesmerizing with its ethereal physical features. But because of the myths and legends that surround its existence, it also fascinates your imagination.

The valley is split in half by a giant cliff, where adventurous visitors can climb and enjoy stunning views from the landscape. This distinctive rock is known as Ijan, which means island. Under the cliff, the valley is adorned with forests, made up of trees such as willow, birch and mountain ash.

According to legend, which is still believed by the locals, captivity arose when Slipnier, Odin’s horse, touched one of its eight poisons on the ground. Other myths refer to the valley as the “capital” or main residence of Heldolph or the hidden people. These magical creatures, which look like humans, are believed to remain on rocks. Believe it or not, there is no doubt that Asbirgi Valley is truly a sight to behold. And the best way to do that is to go on a hiking adventure that will guide you through various fascinating parts of the landscape.

One of the valley trails takes you to the waters of the Botnstjörn pond. This relatively easy route starts from the innermost car park in bsbyrgi and takes you to a group of stone steps that descend to a platform by the pool. From the platform, you can follow another set of stone steps that take you to a small hill.

From the top of the hill you will see beautiful views of bsbyrgi. If you are looking for a longer yet easy walk, follow the Ijan Hill hiking trail, which covers a total distance of 4.5 km (round trip). This special route starts from the parking lot of the camp. After conquering Ijan Hill, you may be thinking of wandering in the jungle forests. This route starts from the visitor center and is much longer, forcing you to walk 4 km one-way. In addition to conquering this route on foot, you can also cycle this route.

It is possible to stay overnight in Asbirgi camp. The valley is also equipped with a golf course for those who like to play a few laps in the middle of an amazing geological background! The Asbyrgi Canyon Visitor Center also offers an exhibition showcasing the nature and history of the valley. But do not expect to see an ultra-modern office. This center is actually a renovated old warehouse!

During the summer, park rangers offer a variety of guided tours and activities for visitors. If walking around the valley is not your cup of tea, another faster option for exploring the area is a local driving tour. Asbyrgi is located in the J پارکkulsárgljúfur National Park in the northern part of the country. The town of Husavik is the main gate of the valley. You can easily rent a car here and drive to the valley in 45 minutes.

Source by Nagib Georges Araman