Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The region has extensive Himalayan ranges that serve as a top tourist destination. People from all over the world flock to the country at different times of the year to experience the vast mountainous highlands, including the highest in the world – Mount Everest, which is more than 8000 meters above sea level. For adventure lovers, such as climbers and mountaineers, high peaks are their main source of motivation to travel to this country. In short, the country is full of adventure spots, and mountaineering is the most popular. It is therefore important to identify, highlight and analyze the various hiking trails in Nepal as it helps potential adventurers make the right decisions about the best places to do this vital activity.

The main camps on Everest

As mentioned earlier, Everest is the highest mountain in the world. In your area, several main camps offer interesting, beautiful and attractive routes. During the trip, travelers can easily see other mountain peaks, including the Himalayas. In addition, one can see the locals, their cultural practices and Buddhist monasteries. They are among the base camps around Everest جیری نپال, Aaron, Hangu Valley, Hinko, Chiwang Circuit, Salari, Konda Smoke, Pike Danda and Lokla.

Annapurna area

This place is ranked among the best places for mountaineering purposes with Nepal. It offers the best scenic routes for adventure lovers. Its notable list of trails includes the Annapurna Circuit, the Jomsom Trail and the Southbound Camp. While hiking in this area, you can see the Himalayas. At the same time you have the privilege of visiting the Kali Gandaki River, Dhaulagiri Mountain and the top of Annapurna. This area offers many views and experiences of natural and cultural beauties

To tourists

Walk to Kanchenjunga Camp

Kanchenjunga Mountain is the third highest peak in the world, located in the eastern region of Nepal. Walk to the main camp of Kanchenjinga It starts with Suktar and Toplejong. This main camp has the least number of foreign visitors due to its remoteness and technical challenges. It offers the most challenging routes that will lead you to the most beautiful scenery.

Manaslu walk

Manaslu Trek, the eighth highest mountain in the world, is a prominent center that offers stunning views of other smaller mountains. While walking, one walks to the top of this amazing mountain, thus increasing the enjoyment of the trip. In addition, this route is remote and diverse in terms of secluded topographic location, which offers a wonderful experience especially for those explorers in the field of science. Most importantly, this route requires experienced climbers with advanced physical fitness because it is very challenging. After all, this path is incredibly full of biodiversity.

Obviously, there are various beautiful, fun and fascinating routes in Nepal that cannot be covered by adventurers in one day. Therefore, planning and deciding on hiking locations is very important for exploring.

Source by Raichu Lama