A wolf climbing a hill, often shown alone, is a person who has not yet reached the summit and is always hungry for his goals. This person takes control of his life, believes that he can live and become the master of his own destiny. However, countless people are not on this path.

what’s the reason? Why do some people underestimate themselves? How can we be so sure of our own destiny?

The metaphor of a wolf climbing a hill is common among people who are looking for success, as well as for me. This is a picture of whether you want to be a self-made person, a strong leader, a successful CEO or a man. But it is a myth that conveys a deeper truth that is meant to educate or inspire.

From eternity, the wild and dominant face of the wolf is a powerful symbol. It has always existed, from the fear of it for centuries to the wolf used today to sell movies, professional magazines, educational services, and a seemingly endless list of other products and services.

So, the wolf is climbing the analogy hill to show someone trying to succeed. They have put their effort into everything and it can be described in one word: “driving”. The wolves that are still climbing are thirsty for what is at the top of the hill. On the other hand, most of the wolves at the top of the peak have reached the peak of their work and no longer want to look for higher altitudes.

Wolf for more climbing

So, if you want to have real success in life, you have to understand that you have not reached this point just for the wolf to climb the hill and reach the summit. I often hear people say things like, “When I succeed”, “When I reach the peak”, “When I reach my goal”. But let me tell you something: there is no end.

The real winners never stop. If you reach a goal, just set a bigger goal. If you reach the top of the mountain, find a bigger mountain. Of course, you have to work hard and keep climbing to reach the summit. But when the wolf climbs the hill, it’s your journey, your constant pursuit of growth, your spending in search of improvement, and the challenge that makes life great.

Then look for more. Not more things but more growth, you always have to push yourself to get better. Are you a wolf that goes uphill and only sits on top of it afterwards? If you go this far, you can be strong enough to move forward and good enough to put more pressure on yourself.

The wolf is also looking to grow

Of course, this is not easy to do alone, but it will be worth it if you keep going. For example, when a wolf climbs a hill, I just start working. This is just the beginning. I’m proud of my achievements, but that does not mean I’re satisfied with them. Are you satisfied with your wishes?

You should never be satisfied and always be ready. Yes, you can be proud of what you have done but strive for more. But you have to strive for greatness. A real winner is not just looking for a title but for his own growth. No one can tell you to stop because you are warming up.

Therefore, the hardest walk you can take as a wolf climbing a hill is the stairs you walk alone. This is what makes you the strongest. This is not about circumstances or luck. We all receive good and bad, and all challenging things happen in our lives. This is a normal part of being human. But this is what you choose to do under those conditions.

The wolf continues to climb the hill

So, the toughest walking battle is the challenge you do, which in turn builds your character. As a wolf climbing a hill, you must stay strong and keep going, just as you must fight alone in battle, and certainly keep fighting when you fight enemies.

But if the trip was not challenging, the destination would not be as rewarding. These are the challenges that make the wolf great on the hill. You can not have a champion athlete without being overwhelmed by important competitors. You can not win first place without other winners forcing you to do better.

Therefore, it is the “whole process” that creates the greatness of the one who climbs the peak. If you reach your goal, you have to set a bigger goal. But when the wolf that climbs the hill encounters obstacles, he must find another way to climb. When life puts you on the edge of a cliff or when everything seems to be plotting to stop you or stop you, you have to move on.

The wolf is trying to go uphill

These are always the hardest climbs that lead to the best scenery. If you are not among the wolf sheep and if you show what you are made of, the right people will appear in your life. You will not be left alone forever. Never give up and do not give up when the wolf climbs the mountain because you have characteristics that most people do not have. This is because if you want to be the best, you have to do the rest.

Should be mentioned ; Older people work harder than others. Heroes practice more and learn more. They face more pain, more failures, more mistakes and more rejection. When your opponent does ten, you do eleven. The more they do, the higher, longer and better you will be. Sure, some of the greatest are talented, but if they don’t do it, none of them will succeed.

On the other hand, think of all those who have little talent, they have created magic with effort and belief. Your energy and self-belief will get you whatever you want in life. What I’m talking about is your fighting spirit. The heart that you know is inside you like a rising wolf, you just have to let go.

Climbing wolves is always hungry

You gain the strength to retaliate, the heart to fight challenges and your determination to break through unexpected obstacles. If you want more than more, you have to work harder and work harder, be smarter than more, and even learn more.

Do not lower your expectations to fit the world because you were born outstanding. They say the wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill. So you always have to be that wolf, the one who wants to reach the top. Always be more hungry, to grow and nourish your mind.

Reach the highest level and do not look back. Do not be afraid if you have to walk in only one direction. It is always better to follow the herd in another direction.

Your destiny is in your hands, now go and hunt it. So if you have to, get up again, just more than that. And now, be a wolf that climbs the hill!

Source by Sergei VanBellinghen