Lamshour Bay is a relaxing little paradise in St. John’s Paradise. For a great day of hiking, surfing and scuba diving, Lamsour is your main bay. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Little Lamshur Bay.

Get AWD or 4WD

The road to Little Lamshour Bay is an adventure in itself. The area is steep and uneven, and after a good rain, it can be dirty and wild – a kind of off-road exercise, but a fun and challenging ride for anyone accustomed to the streets lined with concrete jungle. has done. You will need to use a four-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle for this trip.

Go for the best diving sooner

The combination of rocky ridges under the sea, patches of seagrass and calm and clear water offered by the small bay of Lamshour makes it the best spot for diving in all of St. John. Although snorkeling is great during the day, it is best to go early while the water is warm, the sun is gentle and there is no crowd.

In the center of the bay you will see beautiful corals and rocky clusters with abundant seagrass beds. This is where turtles and rays hang. At the eastern end, you will see queens, the Atlantic Ocean, fish parrots, Caribbean lobsters and a variety of hard and soft corals.

Carry mountaineering equipment

The bay has access to many breathtaking trails. There is the Lameshur Bay Trail that goes east to meet the Reef Bay Trail. If you take this route, you can see the ruins of the Great Bay Reef House and the petroglyphs and admire the ancient Indian art. For a short walk, there is a path to the ruins at the bottom of the peninsula that separates the small and large bays of Lamshur. These routes are well marked and passed, but you will not find crowded.

Bring water and food

If you are planning to spend your day in a small lake, it is better to have food and water with you because there are no facilities other than picnic tables and toilets. After a long day of activity, return to the city and enjoy delicious food from Ms. Lucy.

Lamshour Bay is a small beach that you can really get away from. By taking AWD or 4WD, going early for diving, bringing mountaineering equipment and food and water, you can make the most of your visit to Lamshour Bay.

Source by Leigh Woeller