Many people start hiking in the Himalayas in the mid-twenties. At first, they may have no idea how different the mountain experience is. Influenced by a group of friends and peers, they experience the Himalayan mountaineering experience very late. The experience of mountaineering close to nature is an essential part of building our soul. At an early age, familiarity with nature camp has a profound effect on the rest of the child’s life and mindset. Walking in the mountains with friends is not only a travel experience, but also creates a sense of brotherhood and teamwork in children. The Himalayan mountaineering experience strengthens their open minds and creates a sense of freedom and responsibility at an early age. Even if we have such a nature camp or hiking experience, we can create a sense of ownership among them.

All of these qualities are essential for a lifetime. From childhood, all the great people around us teach children good human qualities. All theories in books are dead, but only when children come to life with practical experience.

Hiking requires physical fitness and mental endurance. Every walker must have confidence to reach the destination by crossing all the obstacles along the way. But at the same time, we must keep in mind that nature camps for children as a walking experience should not be chosen beyond their range. Therefore, it is always recommended for children to choose a beginner level hiking trail. Here are three easy hiking experiences for kids in the Himalayas. Parents who want to make their children physically and mentally safe and strong should accompany them on hiking trips. Here you can find the top three Himalayan walks for kids.

Deoria Tel Chandrashila

Deoria Tal Chandrashila is all season and of course, this is one of the best walks for kids. Kids can experience different natural trails on this walk. This is a dense forest or lush meadows. Mountaineering Deoria Taal brings a wonderful experience for children. From Chandrashila you can see a wide range of mountains from Gadwal to the Himalayan commune. Experience the summit for your child with a sense of accomplishment. Communication with nature of different plants and birds will also be in addition to awareness of nature.


Kedarkantha is the best trip for winter and summer. This is a fun camping experience for your kids. With new life experience, your child will gain self-confidence. Your children will learn about camp experiences such as fire, cooking and the importance of nature in their personal lives. This creates a respectful healthy relationship with nature. This experience is valuable for your children to add lifelong values ​​to his or her characteristics.

Lake Brigade

If you plan to travel to Manali, you have to travel a few more kilometers and reach Lake Brigo. Like others, this is a quick trip for kids. It is also a complete Himalayan hike with a full view of nature. The trek is only three days long and is 14,000 feet high. With this attitude, your child will learn to cope with nature and develop this inner strength.

Along with academics, Himalayan walks are useful for children to build personality. These easy trips are life lessons for most lovely kids. But before you travel, you should take care of your children’s daily activities. Daily exercise strengthens their body and soul. This habit easily helps your children Himalayan mountaineeringto the

Source by Debojyoti Pal