When it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is sunny and warm in the southern hemisphere. A good way to spend the winter holidays is to go to Chile and Patagonia (which also extends to Argentina) and discover nature at its best.

Can be joined to a Walk in Patagonia Explore the area’s most popular area with guides to help you choose accommodation as well as food. Another option is the “O” tour, which many local Chile tours offer. However, the best way is to travel on your own and explore amazing places that tour operators do not include in their itinerary.

General Carrera Lake Marble Caves

Lake General Carrera is located near the Argentine border and here you can find beautiful marble caves. The experience of boarding a boat and moving in the resonating marble caves is impressive and just thrilling.

Exploradores Glacier

A marble cave tour on one can move towards the Exploradores Glacier, possibly by joining the Puerto Rico Tranquilo Tour and moving towards the glacier and trying to discover new caves. This glacier is the coldest glacier for tourists who are looking for sightseeing in really difficult conditions.

Poyuhoapi Bay

This is one of the quietest places that most tour operators do not plan, but it is a haven of peace and quiet. Puyuhuapi is located in Ford of Chile, a small village with camps where you can stay and marvel at the calm waters, fishing or boating.

کیولات National Park And a suspended glacier

The W hike takes you to Torres del Paine, an amazing natural park, but Queulat National Park, about 22 km from Puyuhuapi, can be just as interesting, if not more so. This wonderful Queulat glacier with a waterfall through the crevices is a sight to behold. Getting there is not easy because one has to go downhill, but at the end, water and glaciers can be very helpful.

Servo Castillo

The colors black, blue, and white come together in Cerro Castillo, a very special white glacier against a black rock that leads to a lake with blue waters. Just walking to this site is an experience in itself and when you come here, it has a very beautiful view.

You can take the most visited W Hike Patagonia tour in Chile or do more. Of course, a trip to Torres del Paine is a must, but there are other interesting destinations in Patagonia that give you more. Adventurous climbers also get visas for Argentina, which makes it much easier to explore the other side of Patagonia. However, a week in Patagonia on the Chilean side is more than enough to visit a few interesting places to visit. Spend more time and you can find even more hidden jewelry.

Source by Pamela Johnson