With the recent focus on preserving the island’s environment, the best hiking in Granada can be experienced in some of these national parks and reserves. Protected areas range from the rainforest area of ​​the Grand Atang forest reserve to the La Sages estuary, which protects the mangrove in the southwest of the island. Here are our recommendations for top Granada walks.

Grand Etang Lake and Forest Reserve

Lake Grand Atang fills the mouth of a dormant volcano and is located in the center of a rainforest. There is a rich and varied vegetation in this area. It is possible to see orchids, lizards and frogs among the tropical flowers in the lush vegetation. There are several hummingbirds, broad-winged hawks, and small Swift Antilleans found alongside the opossum, mango, and mono monkey. This is Granada’s most popular hiking area and it is not surprising. Here are some hiking trails to experience:

Circle Lake Path

It is only a 30 minute walk that takes you around the lake. Wonderful views of the lake itself, and keep your eyes peeled for the hibiscus plant and wild orchids growing on the trees.

Seven Sisters Trail

A challenging 3-hour walk that can cross seven beautiful waterfalls. The hike begins with a slice of banana and nutmeg and then flows into the pristine forest area. Use the tips to be safe in this case.

Qua Qua Mountain Trail

Get more than 2,000 feet high with this walk that crosses the lake and then goes to the high slopes and mountain forests of the elves. You will experience colder temperatures and it may be slippery and severe in places. In this 90 minute walk you can experience several ecosystems, in addition to enjoying the wonderful views through the clear.

Concord Falls

The Concord Falls walk is on the Mt Qua Qua Trail – so if you want to try this, mention it in your walking guide. After about an hour, the path under the canopy of rainforest, past streams and some hills to waterfalls. There are three waterfalls, one at the bottom which is now a tourist attraction and the lesser known upper waterfalls that should not be missed. Wear a swimsuit because you will have the opportunity to enjoy the water. The third fall is about 2 hours of walking on the mountainside.

Laura National Park

Leaving the Grand Etang, we look at Laura National Park. Levera with 450 hectares of exploration, includes some of the best beach scenery in Granada. This wetland has a very important wetland that has mangroves and a variety of birds. Try the path that leads around the lagoon for a pleasant walk.

La Sajce Nature Center

One of the best bird watching places on the island of Granada is this nature center in the southwest. In addition, 3 beautiful beaches offer fantastic diving, cactus forest and salt pond. Many species of birds are attracted to the salt pond, and it is possible to see the Caribbean cotyledons, green-backed herons and brown-toed hummingbirds.

Source by Philip H Clift