ICE (Information, Communication, and Entertainment) brings the age of good times, nurtures the global community, and overcomes the differences of the time zone. As a result, individuality, honesty, non-judgmental approach, expression and exploration are beauty solutions. We are growing without fear, in the right way. Hello to the “global” YOLO generation who believe that you only live once! Here is courage, not age, the identifier. True, the “main” adventure activities are the friend, philosopher and guide of these adventure enthusiasts. Adventure adventures that help us get closer to nature and, in turn, to life, create values ​​of harmony and coexistence. Walking is the starting point of this self-improvement on the physical, mental and emotional level. Fitness is a beautiful side effect in this regard.

What is a walk?

Hiking is a combination of walking and hiking on a terrain with a variety of ascents and descents that characterizes it. One-day to multi-day trips are remote or rural areas that are not accessible by transportation. Inaccessible is precisely the traction force for climbers.

Why is the “YOLO” generation taking risks?

Eager to see challenging but pristine, beautiful lands, “enjoy” the glories of the day and the fears of the night, “discover” your abilities, appreciate the connection and help of humans, learn the greatness and magnificence of Mother Nature, graduate from Astana Walking and affirming “you only live once” is inherently addictive. Doing the calculated physical dangers opens up your mental boundaries and makes you emotionally equal. Fitness here is a nice side effect. Clarity as an individual helps you cope with life on all levels, personal and professional. The higher the risk, the better the return. That is why we see excellence in relations, humanity, art, science and trade redefined!

Who can walk?

Depending on the physical characteristics of the land and the climate, a trip has three levels: easy, medium, and difficult. Choose a score depending on your experience and ability to cope. Children under the age of 12 or those who are physically weak should ideally start with easy walking. Appropriate items and initial adjustment can start directly from the intermediate level. Your adventure professional is the best guide here, because it is about your overall health. Mistakes here are not worth the risk.

Who should you walk with?

Well, obviously friends or people you can talk to for free. Scheduling a trip, sticking to a schedule, adapting, boosting your spirits (very important, because in a moment you feel like you have given up) and preparing for unforeseen situations such as injury, bad weather, some walking necessities are. Given the high-end start-up investment, it’s definitely best to pack with an adventurer. Just focus on your invention. open. You are changing forever. Just have the “courage” to let go and find yourself incredible!

Source by Rakhi Sinha