The Black Diamond has gradually made a name for itself in the running arena with its headlights and darts almost everywhere, but more recently with special packages and clothing lines. Some time ago, Dave reviewed this case Distance 15 Packaging and in the summer I use it Distance 8 Package for all my runs that guarantees carrying the package.

Distance 8 is definitely a package rather than a race vest outside (covered by distance 4). Those with a history of mountaineering will see the legacy of the “Blitzkrieg” in the Distance 8 design, and its body is made of sturdy UHMWP 10x Ripstop fabric, making it ideal for abrasive adventures. This durability is somewhat weighty, but to be honest, unless you are at the end of the race, sleeping more than 335 grams versus 200 grams is not something like a distance of 4. This extra 135 grams will buy you the durability of using the mountain. And distance 8 is clearly aimed at the adventurous runner with twin ax packs and the ability to carry a fast-moving kit on a winter day.

In terms of design, you will receive an 8-liter body that can swallow any device you need, I put it with waterproof, windproof, double bag, Polartec Alpha warm wing, warm gloves, hat, Khatula cluster, ice ax, July, I have loaded. Armchair, headlights, map, compass and first aid kit. Likewise, I raced the Ring of Steall with the mandatory kit, and thanks to the push wire, I did not have any jumps, and I can hardly tell the difference between it and the racing vest. In fact, the only difference I noticed was the lack of a kidney storage area. The package closes with a drawstring and roll / flap, just like the Blitz, which is very quick and easy but not completely water resistant, as always, if you have a water-sensitive kit, put it in a dry bag. The fabric of the closed body looks very waterproof, but water can collect at the top and enter the channel. I say that the angle of tension on the black fabric is no longer visible – simply using a light color here helps those stressful / boring scenarios. Inside the closed body there is an internal pocket with a key clip suitable for a wallet / compass / first aid kit, etc. as well as a watering sleeve.

Enter the forest Ring of Steall – soft soft with straw on the left and 6 hours of food!

The back of the package has a permanently ventilated foam pad in place that facilitates packing and also reduces back sweat syndrome very little. Polar storage space is not “moving”, so if you have movable shoulders you can take them out but there is no opportunity to store them on the go. However, they are very safe and completely out of reach, if you are a runner who likes to move back and forth with a stick, it is more suitable for an adventure run than a race scenario. You can also grab your ice ax (s) without removing the package, which is always useful when you “push” it a little too much. In front of two soft flask pockets with generous food pockets (or anything else) on these and above the soft flask pockets with two zipped pockets on the shoulder restraint, one waterproof (waterproof) for the phone and the other for BD’s Deploy Is considered. Wind Shell, though, I wanted to use it for extra food. The bottle pockets take a 500 ml HydraPak bottle but work better with flatter bottles – my old HydraPak was very tight, especially with food in the front bags, and that discouraged me from removing it, so I tend to I had to take the bottle to drink, they fit in place and have a more generous fit (I actually realized that if you want to save some, the Decathlon 500ml soft flask is suitable ;-). Because of the zippered pockets, the soft flasks are lower, so if you like to drink with them on the spot, the extra straws make it easier. While completing the Running Up For Air challenge, I used the Distance 8 with a 1.5-liter bladder and it worked well with the ease of entering the main package, and the guide rings in the shoulder restraint for the tube and I just tap the gas. I put it on top of one of the zippered pockets). With a mostly empty package, the bladder tended to flap a little, but it completely shaken the compression bands and dissolved the windshield in it.

Slightly wire to show more traction loops.

In terms of fit and comfort, the distance of 8 was excellent, I chose the Medium (suitable for low gear 31.5% to 39.4%) by measuring my lower gear in the middle of 35%. Adjustable side panels with firm impact help fitness and promote mobility.

In use
With a typical mandatory kit, the distance of 8 is almost like a racing vest, with no jumps, great comfort and fitness, and good access to fluids and nutrition. The poles can not be held in flight, but are safely transported and easily stored within seconds of opening the package. Where distance 8 shines is on adventurous days, where you may have more safety kits or fabrics for the winter heat. Having space for sweets (even a small flask) next to a lightweight artificial puff can add a whole new level to long mountain runs! At one point, especially if you run alone in the mountains, you have to imagine what would happen if you became immobile due to injury and could not get help quickly – do you have enough equipment to cross? The tragedy in China earlier this year showed how vulnerable athletes are when the proverb hits a fan – having a little more in long-term training can literally be life-saving. Durability of distance 8 is exceptional, and to be honest, the battles of Wales (along Crib Goch), Lakes and Scotland, including the Ring of Steall, have shown a bit of kindness over the past 3 months, but looking at it now It is almost impossible to see any evidence. From the wear and tear of BD selection of materials, the design and workmanship with this package is remarkable. Can it be improved? Well, I want soft flask pockets to be designed to be easier to store and remove, and that honestly is my only real criticism. The Blitz style rope utilizes a colored tab to instantly determine what you are looking for (I attached a little light rope to it) and a black interior to see things inside, especially at dawn or dusk. It is challenging. You are not sticking your head out though these are minor tweaks and if you are looking for a vest / vest pack, Distance 8 should be at the top of your list, twice as much if you want to use it on the go or in the winter.


  • Convenient without shipping back and forth
  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Capacity


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SRP 130 pounds

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