In recent years, Adlerid has designed the restraint game from basic and cost-effective climbs to alpine, winter, sports, children and even heavy heavy Eskimo models. They Sender Restraint is another winner that excels in most areas.

Sendero is now set to become the Edelrid standard adjustable ankle brace, and the great Gambit will be discontinued by 2021 – don’t worry, the constant Gambit Ace sibling is still in improved green and light green (with pink option). For 2021). This Gambit My hobby has been to control everything from Scottish combined routes to alpine sports, and I really can’t blame it, so Sandro had a lot of work to do.

Aimed at the same users who may have already purchased Gambit, Sendero easily complies with its previous standards and in some areas actually improves it. Edelrid uses several different manufacturing techniques to create its restraints using Sendero using the term “soft frame”, whereby two load-bearing belts gently distribute the force across the entire waistband. In fact, there is a little more to it than Gambit / Ace, which uses a “3D Vent Lite” structure consisting of several HDPE strips. 3D Vent Lite is made for much more compact or flatter packaging and dries faster than Sendero Soft Frame but is much more expensive and does not meet Bluesign environmental standards (I guess because of the use of HDPE) Sendero has The lumbar buckle and leg ring are semi-captive, meaning that there is no user error when dealing with the user (without forgetting to pull back the buckle), which I refer to as a necessary restraint. If necessary, you can not open these items completely – for example, without using skis, put the restraint on it. I started climbing with a double back buckle, the Troll MKIV click handle, and even the swami tie straps (what the designers were thinking and what I was thinking about more worryingly!) But this makes no sense for casual mountaineering. . The tie-ring’s stupid proof system uses a “wear indicator” that shows red threads when the loop is too worn – a complete safety feature for heavy users / abusers. With five fully functional gear loops that can use almost any regular rack or winter mix rack (the full full rear loop is useful for keeping the belay, prussic, cordelette, knife, etc. completely separate from the main rack), Sendero Trad / Alpine / Winter bracing is great. In addition, there are two ice-cutting grooves – they run more on Sendero than on Gambit. Its unobtrusive, lightweight and compact nature means that it also performs well for sport mountaineering. Well, if you are raising scores, you are probably choosing a particular sport (skip your eyes for our review) Prism In the spring, however, for most of us, especially if you plan to enjoy a bit of a European multi-sport holiday, Sendero does it all amazingly.

Take your eyes off the shirt and just admire the generous praise on Sendero!

In use
Sendero arrived last winter (just before quarantine), so I was able to get on the winter roads just by wearing it. For the first time, the ascent of the Scabbard chimney at the SCNL was surprisingly tolerable in icy conditions, with the scarcity of gear visible below. I know this is a cliché but really all you want from a restraint is to do its job and not realize it … so I can safely find and retrieve all my equipment. !) The shelving loops are far enough back to prevent the “in your lap” issue from a large shelf without being so far back that it is inconvenient to access. At the back, they are relatively low with an unobtrusive package, not as large as the very flat rings in the Gambit, but easier to cut. If there was a slight change, I would have liked the two front shelf loops to be slightly larger and the size of the center rear loop to be reduced, but it would probably be categorized as personal preference. In terms of comfort, Sandro was as good as any restraint I used, both on the move and when on delay. It was comfortable to walk again without any sensation – none of which creates the “diaper” feeling that some restraints create when moving from vertical to horizontal. The packaging is easy to squeeze and dries quickly when you return to the cottage. A few other routes in a variety of unpleasant conditions in the unfortunately short winter confirmed my first impressions. With a rather bizarre spring and summer, Sendero was then used for traditional lake climbing and a bit of local sports in Dulles. As I mentioned before, Sendero’s generous shelving furniture is too much for sports tracks, but its light weight, 332 grams for my small size, and the fact that its lack of volume does not impede movement, means that it is a problem. is not. For normal routes such as winter, the shelving is brilliant and all previous observations apply equally, comfort, freedom of movement, light weight and small size (leaves little space in the package for extra tea / coffee / chocolate).

This is a larger shelf and a long cut jacket – honestly! Sendero makes a great restraint for the winter. Douglas Boulder February 2020

In short, it is hard to imagine that no one is happy with Sendero, except for a brotherhood in mountaineering. It is excellent as a Trad / Alpine / Winter brace and can be used for sport mountaineering. There is a dedicated version of aa Otana As well as a fixed foot ring with a lighter weight سیرانا So Adlerid covers almost all the bases.


  • Jack of all trades
  • Lightweight
  • packing


  • None

SRP 70 pounds


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