We spend a lot of time on this blog and talk about different mountaineering techniques. We are talking about mountain ethics, supporting land management and leaving no trace. In fact, we do not have several articles on the blog, including one on how to deal with human waste in the backyard …

But what about the country of the front?

What about outside the house?

Many of us camp in the main camps of the country. Some of us spend considerable time in these camps. In most cases, the camp hosts try very hard to keep the houses clean, but they are public toilets and come with public toilets for people who have toilet problems …

There is nothing worse than entering a house and realizing that someone who had to miss “number two” has lost. In the name of God, how do you miss the toilet and sprinkle everything around it …?

My guess is that these missing people are afraid to sit on the public toilet. But the irony is that these people – those who miss it – are the reason why no one may want to sit on a public toilet.

So if you want to go to the bathroom and you are afraid to sit on the common chair of the house, put it aside. If you can not handle it, then be polite to put the chair before squatting.

There are several other rules about homes:

  1. Do not throw rubbish, diapers or women’s toiletries in the toilet. They have to be removed during service and as you can imagine, this is a very dirty and unpleasant job.
  2. There is also no reason to throw rubbish on the ground.
  3. After finishing work, lower the chair, this will help prevent insects from leaving and its unpleasant odor.
  4. Close the door when you are done. It also helps keep animals away.
  5. Do not steal toilet paper …
  6. And finally, if you missed your goal, please clear the seat …
-Jason Di Martin

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