Free Soloing Fatality at Eldorado Canyon

A free soloist was found He was killed after falling last week in the El Dorado Valley. A group of four climbers in Rincon Rock fell at 5:45 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6 after the climber was discovered, and 31-year-old Scott Dewey of Golden called 911, according to Kerry Hoverfield at Boulder County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO). . , Who was alone, Dewey was unconscious, not breathing, and had no pulse when other climbers found him. The BSCO reported that there was no evidence of error.

“No ropes, restraints or guards were found at the scene,” Hoverfield said. Bodybuilding climber The next day by phone, “So we assume [Dewey] The solo was free, all he had with him was a cast and mountaineering shoes. He added that rescuers found no clear evidence that the rock had fallen or that the guards had broken, although they noted that the rescue took place at night, “so it was completely dark and the scene has not yet been extensively investigated.”

Hoverfield added that the four climbers who discovered the body had not seen or heard of the fall. They just crashed into the scene, but the crash was clearly recent. “He was definitely not there for days or anything,” he said, but at the time of his death he was awaiting a forensic report. The Rocky Mountain Rescue Team recovered Dewey’s body, which took about three hours.

“This world has lost a truly free-spirited and incredible spirit.” Dewey’s sister wrote on FacebookMany will miss Scott Dewey. I still can not think you are gone. I know you’re dead in what you love, but it ‘s still not fair. I love you so much, little brother, I really miss you. Relax, comrade, you really deserve it. ”

In accordance with Dewey Facebook Page, He was from Salina, Oklahoma and has been studying at Denver Metropolitan State University since January 2019, studying applied geology.

Unfortunately, El Dorado was recently the scene of another deadly accident, When a yes anchor to the wind tower was tornAnd caused the two rope climbers to fall to more than 100 feet. The offender died, the leader was severely injured. Another freelance soloist died after falling in Eldo in 2019, also.

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