“Whether in our backyards, in the Utah Mountains of Utah, or on the rooftop of the world on the larger slope – exploring mountaineering is my game: searching for unpaved cliffs and the Alps has been my obsession from the beginning. It has a variety of skills; just rock climbing skills are not enough, often just reaching the base of the climb involves a sophisticated approach to snow and ice – not to mention the obstacles above, on the way to the summit, when the wall comes up. .
While my teammates continue to move on steep ice and modern hybrid mountaineering, I have focused more on strengthening my classic mountain repertoire: moving at the speed and efficiency of snow, ice and rocks, adapting to dynamic conditions. Mountains and, by chance, open a new line with style-and-return from above, safely! From time to time, you see me throwing tools, climbing high ice – even with scratches, at a strange M level … which is why I rely on Grivel for my various mountain needs. Throughout our 200-year history, we have continued to apply old, hot-forged production techniques to the evolving demands of climbers, ski climbers — and even low-rise climbers like myself. “-Shingo

By Shingo Ohkawa-
Shingo is a Grivel athlete and one of the visual climbers in the Wasatch Range, looking for innovative new routes that are always in full swing. He is constantly involved in the development of new trails in Lone Peak Cirque as well as the Cottonwood Canyons. Shingo is a very lucrative climber. He not only expands the climbing potential in the Salt Lake City area but is also a volunteer liaison with the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance.


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