Late summer and the beginning of autumn weather patterns.

The summer heat has made it difficult to climb Emmons-Winthrop. A lot of seasonal snow has melted, exposing the scorching ice and opening up many crevices. Although there are challenging conditions, no total roadblocks have been reported, so it may still be possible to climb through Immons. Climbers trying this route should be prepared to move in complex and self-sufficient areas, as there are no guided groups and few independent climbers on the route. In addition, ice bolts are mandatory if the parties want to travel safely.

Large gaps in the Emmons Glacier leading to Camp Schorman

The approach to Camp Schurman has also become increasingly challenging. Entering the Emmons Glacier from Camp Curtis is still possible, but requires quick passage through the glacier cracks. Schurman Camp can also be reached via Steamboat Prow. Environmentalists in White River can describe this approach in detail.

Finally, the pattern of our stressful summer weather is disappearing. This means that unexpected clouds and glacial levels fluctuate a lot. Do not be surprised by severe weather. Be prepared to deal with surprising fall / winter conditions and rainfall.

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