Looking down on Moff Snowfield – frozen, cracked and stony conditions late in the season!

He began to feel like falling on a mountain. Over the past week, grape maples have begun to turn orange and red, chestnuts have ripened, and their daily climbing services have ended. The season kicks off at Camp Muir and a disappointing savior. Lateral paths such as ladders and hand lines are out of the way. Tent tanks and equipment at Ingraham Flats have been removed.

If you are planning to go to Camp Muir this fall, you are expected to experience icy conditions, cracks, moles and the lack of a boot pack. Stretches such as crampons, shoelaces or spikes and an ice ax are now recommended. Just to get to Camp Muir, consider complete refrigeration kits! In addition to the harsh travel conditions, the weather conditions become more unpredictable and the expectations of colder and wetter weather are taken into account when planning a trip.

Until further notice, Camp Muir Public Shelter will be closed due to COVID-19 (for emergency use only).

Here are some common hiking trails:

Disappointing CleaverAs of today, September 11, all ladders, fixed lines and fixed pickets have been removed for the season. Apart from this date, climbing from Moir camp will be very difficult and high skills and planning are required to move safely and effectively in the high mountainous areas. Do not expect any other party to be on this path – you need to be self-sufficient and come up with a possible plan for yourself.

Emmons / Winthrop– This route has not made any effort in the last three to four weeks. A large part of this route includes cut glacial ice, high-impact facies passages, and complex route finding. This route should be considered “off-season” as a standard route. The Inter refrigerator is also experiencing late-season conditions. Cracks, glacier ice and rockfall are all present and pose significant risks right now.

Kautz Glacier– Not many parties have gone the route in the last few weeks, but the latest blog post from August 23 is still, to a large extent, accurate. Ice lands continue to grow, and crossing gaps above Wapowety Cleaver will be more difficult. Approaching the Comet Falls Trail is preferable – crossing the Nisqually Glacier has become low. Very Difficult. DC descent will be very difficult due to the lack of ladders and additional side paths.


All this is said, the mountain is not at all “Closed”. We welcome you to come and enjoy the autumn experience of Mount Rainier. This is a really good time of year when you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the changing seasons. And also an amazing opportunity to find moments of solitude until early winter!

As we move up the mountain here late in the season, registration changes occur. Check out Park License Website For the latest, but the main point here:

Paradise Wilderness Information Center (PWIC) is open 7 days a week from 7:30 am to 5 pm until Sunday 26 September. All climbing permits will be from Monday, 9/27/21 with personal registration. Until then, all climbers and travelers wishing to spend the night will need a permit to do so, and all climbers will still have to pay. Annual climbing fee

A climber takes a moment to assess the bodies in the Muir snow field.

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