Mountaineering for everyone, a free coaching program for avid photographers, accept applications

Mountaineering is a diverse sport, with disciplines ranging from bouldering to mountaineering. Mountaineering for Sport Mountaineering However, the diversity within the community itself is not well represented. As part of an ongoing initiative to represent and welcome all climbers equally, regardless of gender, race, gender identity, age or physical ability, rock climbing And Adidas Terrex now offer Climbing For All, a photography coaching program. The four-month workshop is free for participants and helps six young mountaineering photographers from disadvantaged or underrepresented communities introduce themselves as new voices and creators in the mountaineering community.

how it works?

Six waiters are selected through the application process (see application form below). The selected waiters will then work with them Mountaineering Instructors – its editors and art director, and professional photographers Irene Yi and Kate Ladzinski – for four months, from November 2021 to February 2022.

There are no fees for students.

During middle school, each Montazeri is encouraged to take mountaineering photos and sends his or her best photos every two weeks to instructors who review the works and provide feedback. This will be an ongoing process, with each photographer receiving Adidas clothing and five-ton shoes for their mountaineering subjects. The goal is to improve each student’s skills and publish their best photos in their yearbook Rise The version will be released in the spring of 2022. rock climbing It will also publish an online gallery. At the end of the program, six Montazeri are encouraged to continue to participate in the mountaineering media in order to be more representative and welcomed by all mountaineers.

Who can apply?

Any mountaineer from a disadvantaged or underrepresented community who is interested in working with professional photographers and is serious about improving their photography skills. There are no fees for students.

Criteria for use

  • Applicants must have basic photography knowledge / skills.
  • Applicants must have basic mountaineering knowledge / skills.
  • Applicants must submit their photographic equipment.
  • Applicants must submit a complete application and support materials by the application deadline.
  • Due to the mission of the program, priority is given to diverse and more qualified applicants, with an emphasis on those who are not represented in the field of mountaineering.

Application deadline

October 31, 2021. Six students are selected by November 5, 2021 and begin their guidance program.


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Meet with coaches

Irene Yi: Irene is a professional rock climbing and adventure photographer based in the West Coast. He started rock climbing out of sheer joy and soon picked up his camera. Her focus is on promoting women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA2 + communities. Find inspiration in those who are very interested in muscle.

Kate Ladzinski: Kit is one National Geography Amy fiancé photographer and director. His work focuses primarily on natural history, climate change, extreme sports, fine arts and advertising campaigns. Keith is a founding member of the Sea Legacy Collective and serves customers worldwide including Apple, Disney, Google, Nike, Toyota, Adidas. , Oprah Network has worked. , Canon, Discovery, Subaru, Red Bull, The North Face, OPPO, The New York Times and TV National Geographic.

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