The emergence of steam™ A range of recent years. In fact, Dave reviewed a previous model in 2018 (the Steam increase guideVR ranges are true “soft shells” that have become a bit confusing over the years and often do not translate as “completely waterproof”. At first, the soft shells were not “completely waterproof”, but they could draw water out of the cover, so you could easily dry them in the relatively uncomfortable weather in the UK. Perhaps the most famous of these are the original Buffalo Double P offers (Pertex and pile), which provoked Marmit’s reaction from fans and opponents. Increase the steam paste™ Alpine light It is more ordinary in terms of style and much lighter in terms of weight. It uses a lightweight Pertex® Quantum Air shell, along with a combination of VR Wicking and VR Air polyester coatings to transfer excess moisture to the body. The result is a very versatile coat that works great in a wide range of conditions from mountain foothills to British winter climbing to summer hiking.

Alpine lights on a “transplant” day, big wool socks and everything! 🙂

Alpine Light is a mid-range VR model from Rab with a lighter version of “Summit” and “Ridgeline”. Each jacket has a similar design to the Pertex® Quantum Air shell but with different lining fabrics. Light Alpine and Ridgeline both use VR Airflow (75g / m²) and VR Wicking (102g / m²), while Summit uses a warmer VR Warm cover (83g / m²) and weighs slightly heavier than Pertex® facial fabric. Selects. In general, you go from the ultra-breathable Ridgeline to the heat-focused summit through the alpine light. In my opinion, the light of the Alps reaches the magical level of “Goldasteh”. For a winter method, it is not too hot with just a thin base layer, but it is warm enough when complemented with a light middle layer (or two) for active winter or summer Alpine activities. Pertex® Quantum Air shell fabric is strong enough to withstand a small amount of abrasion and normal misuse in climbing. The liner includes the main part of VR Wicking (102 g / m2) all over the body with a wide VR airflow strip (75 g / m2) at the bottom of the torso and along the inner side of the arms.

Alpine drying (very fast!) – VR airflow under the arms and VR Wicking visible on the body

With a shameless centralized design, you get two “Napoleon” pockets that use restraint well and swallow maps easily (Harvey and IGN French are fine, while some bulky OS versions are not. Very good), camera, food, climbing skins etc. There are no pockets for the pub here! The hood accommodates almost some helmets, although it is very tight with high-volume models such as the Grivel’s Duetto and has a simple rear Wolverine volume adjuster. The volume control works well enough, but like all velvet fasteners, in some Scottish conditions it may cause problems that may be blocked by snow / rain / icy rain. A lumbar strap is easily adjustable with a two-wire strap. The cuffs do not have a fastening system, but rather have a piece of more elastic material inserted into the Pertex®. This creates a very neat and low bracelet that fits easily under the cuff of regular winter gloves. However, there is no way to fasten the cuff to the glove, and the limited tension means that you may not be able to press the sleeves to the elbows or cool down, or prevent the sleeves from spilling on some of the scary jam cracks. In recent years, there has been a trend towards this type of “closing” cuff, and in general I like simplicity, lack of volume and strength. However, adjusting the temperature by pulling up the sleeves is very helpful! I wish the elastic dart was a little more generous because I realized that I could hardly lift the sleeve up to my elbow and it was not easy to pump once!

There is plenty of room to move around the shoulders, but I felt that sewing could be narrowed down the lower torso, but this is the case for all stretch-free shells and it is better to make mistakes instead of extra room. Limit wear

In use
Staying comfortable in the mountains is a balancing act between temperature and humidity, which becomes more difficult the more varied the user activity. If you are going to choose the worst case scenario for clothing, you can hardly achieve something like winter mountaineering in Scotland. While the temperature of the valley is freezing so that while entering with strength you get well wet to defeat other teams on the way. Then consider the entire stop / climb routine with long periods of standing on the hill (starting the combined technical route). Finally, get on a towel and go back to the van. Alpine light can be worn on a base layer for walking, without zippers or open pockets to release excess heat. When you get started, take it off and put on a middle coat (I like the Brynje mesh material, which has almost no moisture, almost like air!) And turn on the alpine light again. Vapor Rise does its magic and transfers moisture out and you feel dry easily. If it is miserable you can put your hard shell on top of the screen. With a belay jacket for static times, you should be good for climbing. Come up and down, and you probably start with your hard shell, but you can put it aside unless it sticks together and is protected from light winds and light rain by the Alps. Alpine light makes you comfortable in a wide range of conditions, it will not dry you out even in moderate to moderate rain, but the breathable result of this jacket prevents you from overheating under light rain and snow. .

Overall, I consider the Alpine light to be the most versatile Vapor-Rise range that easily fits in your wardrobe from Scottish winter to Alpine summer. Where I’re really looking forward to using it is for some summer mountain trails and a winter waterfall climb in Cogne or Kandersteg when the trip opens again.

Versatile – range of convenience
Climb of special design

Cuff – may be too tight to climb
Hood volume regulator

SRP 140 pounds


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