Bill Athlete Anne Stroble recently returned from a mountaineering trip to Chulilla, Spain, a small town off the east coast of the country. Here are his tips and tricks for planning your trip to Cholila and making the most of your time there.

Get there
Probably the easiest and most direct way to get to Chulilla is to fly to Valencia. 40 minutes from Chulilla to Valencia Airport. You can also fly to Madrid or Barcelona and drive to cities less than 4 hours away.


If you live in the village of Chulila itself, one important point is that while cars are “allowed” on the side streets, most of them are very narrow, steep and winding, and you may be forced into a dead end. Go up in the dark to access most parts of the city, visitors leave their cars in a large public area at the northern end of the city.
You may also leave your car in the main field for a short time for loading / unloading / targeting.

Rent a car

I usually just use Kayak To find your rental car and buy the cheapest vehicle. Gold Car is usually a good cheap option. They have a great coverage that theoretically makes your life easier if you have a damaged car or need roadside assistance. However, you will have to pay a little more for it. In addition, if you do not have great coverage, when you get there to pick up your car, it may give you a very hard sale.

Airbnb is probably the best place to find accommodation. Chulilla is very touristy and there are many options. There are several beds and bunk beds where you can dine, and there are plenty of apartments with full kitchens (and there are often washing machines as well). Chulilla is very beautiful, spectacular and comfortable but works for accommodation in La Ermita (very close only 1-2 km), Losa del Obispo (only 5 to 10 minutes drive to the climbing parking lot) or Villar del Arzobispo (a). A little further away, but with a full grocery store and some larger restaurants).

In fact, small shops in Cholila have a very wide selection due to their size, so you do not need to go to a larger grocery store, but depending on the amount of cooking you plan to do, you may want one Visit them. Paniza, right in the central square of Chulilla, has fresh daily bread, empanada and other snacks. The lady who works there is very friendly and you can get a variety of other items as well. If you are a little further from the city center, there are bakeries and other shops offering meat and cheese. There is also a weekly market on Sundays with a wider range of fresh produce and some snacks.

گوسکانوس Climbers hang out and offer breakfast and dinner, but are often closed in the middle of the day. They are very friendly and offer good prices and good food.
Restaurante Hoces Del Turia – A beautiful little restaurant right on the main road of the city. You can also have just a drink or coffee.
There are also other restaurants around town, but I did not sample any of them. The best restaurants I experienced were on the weekends in Valencia (see the Days section).

rock climbing

You can find the manual at Bar El Canton or the nearby tobacco shop, both located right in the central square. Goscano is also likely to sell them. For gears, you can probably get away with a 70-meter rope, but I recommend bringing a longer rope. There are several routes that require a length of 80 meters, but in general it makes your life easier. For the lottery, I recommend bringing 25 or 40 with you if you want the lottery to take more than one day. Most routes are between 12 and 16 turns (with anchor), but sometimes there are longer (and less completed) routes that may require 20 or 22 turns.

The best places to climb really depend on the temperature and degree you are looking for.

For shady mountaineering, I first monitored these areas:
5.11s: Oasis, Chorreras and Master
5.12s: Chorreras, Oasis, Algarrobo (but stay away from 7b + s star in Algarabbo)
5.13s: Balconcito, Algarrobo, Pared Blanca, El Balcon, Chorreras

For sunny mountaineering:
پارد د انفرنت
Be sure to check the El Ramellar section for 5.13 seconds. It also goes in the shade in the afternoon and is so good that it is worth checking out even if it is a little warmer.

There is also a rock climbing shop in Cholila, where there were suitable tools and plaster.

Rest days

For the days off, visiting Valencia and eating Paella was our favorite activity. If you just want Paella, I recommend it یوسوIt is right in the area of ​​the old town that you can discover after a great satisfying meal. Our favorite restaurant, which had great paella, but also other dishes ناواروExcellent food and service If you do not speak much Spanish, this is a great place to go as they explain their menu in English and give advice. They really want you to enjoy your visit.

We just enjoyed walking around the old town and seeing the places, but the Cathedral of Valencia is definitely worth a visit. In addition to seeing the interior of the cathedral and strolling through the small museum inside, I recommend climbing to the top of the tower, which in broad daylight gives you a great view of the area.

The beach in northern Valencia is also spectacular with long walks with restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors.

There are also many trails around Cholila for walking or jogging along the way.


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